President Obama’s Full Remarks on Iranian Election


Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release June 15, 2009




Oval Office

5:48 P.M. EDT
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Twitter Comes of Age in Iran


Update: Score a big victory for Tweeps everywhere, who have succeeded in getting Twitter to delay maintenance that would have shut down communication out of Iran for at least an hour.

Almost 2 years ago, political innovator Joe Trippi tried to explain to me what the hell Twitter was, and why it was going to be “the new MySpace.”  Although I had no frakkin’ idea what he was talking about, I signed up anyway.  The guy never steered me wrong before.

Almost a year after that, I began to see the possibilities, and now, I routinely sign off of Twitter with a mock prayer in memory of MySpace.  Twitter as a viral watercooler (that sounds gross) has, indeed, revolutionized social media with the unlikely combination of old-school elements like the telegraph and the party line.

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Klingons Attack President Obama Over Iranian Elections


Update: President Obama spoke about the Iranian elections just a short while ago, striking a note in line with his pre-election statement:

“It is up to Iranians to make decisions about who Iran’s leaders will be,” President Obama said this afternoon, underlining “that we respect Iranian sovereignty.”

The president added, however, that he is “deeply troubled by the violence I have been seeing on television. I think that the, the democratic process, free speech, the ability for people to peacefully dissent, all those are universal values and need to be respected.”

Mr. Obama said the US “will continue to pursue a tough direct dialogue between our two countries and we’ll see where it takes us.  But even as we do so, it would be wrong for me to be silent about what we’ve seen on the television over the last few days and what I would say to those people who put so much hope and energy and optimism into the political process, I would say to them that the world is watching and inspired by their participation regardless of what the ultimate outcome of the election was.”

Sometimes, I think the right forgets about the “diplomatic” part of “diplomacy.” Or maybe they think the word refers to “diplomas,” and form their opinions by consulting the GED set.

Powerline has a typically insightful review of President Obama’s statement on the Iranian elections, before all hell broke loose:

On Friday, President Obama had this to say about the election in Iran:

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Gotcha! Leno Told Statutory Rape Joke, Too!


There’s a new, inevitable twist in the David Letterman-Gate joke scandalAlan Colmes notes that Dave’s late-night rival, Jay Leno, told his own underage Palin daughter sex joke during the campaign: (h/t HuffPo)
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