Politico Releases its Own Sexist Flesh List


On the heels of the Playboy Hate F*** List controversy, you would think political blogs would have the sense to stay away from this kind of icky itemization.  Not Politico, which has released its own list of “The Hunks of Washington.” (ps Joanie Cunningham called, she wants part of that title back.)

When are men going to get the respect they deserve?  Why must Peter Orszag put up with being described as “so numbersy,” or Grover Norquist as “unyielding in his vision, in his mission,” or the kicker, Chuck Todd, a ““brainy guy poring over computer printouts.”  Why don’t they just stick these guys in Speedos and have them photographed washing Camaros?

Where’s the equality?


  1. I know many people who wouldn’t hesitate to pay for pictures of half the Obama admin, Orszag included, washing a Camaro in Speedos. (I get the feeling there’s real money to be made if the Obama admin did a “Calendar Girls”-style photoshoot. Or calendar. Bet it would go a long way towards solving the deficit problem.)

    I’ll wait while you get the bleach and wash your brain. (You’re welcome.)

  2. Feeling left out, Tommy? Methinks I sense the presence of the Green-Eyed Monster! :>)

  3. I’m more “lettersy” and “syllablesy.”

  4. “Icky?”

  5. “Hunks of Washington” just sounds gross. Do they pay the sanitation guys extra when they have to clean up the “Hunks of Washington”?

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