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alex01thumbI had a really long and complex (and surprisingly coherent) post written up about the Iran elections. And then WordPress ate it. (Yes, WordPress ate my homework. No, it’s not funny, I was working on that for hours.) It’s late and I’m pissed off and on a computer that switches to French keyboard configurations without warning, so you get the abbreviated version, which, on the off-chance that WordPress is just dicking around, will be restored to the original later. If not, what you see is what you get.

The gist of it: I’ve been following the Iran election fandango as best I can via international sources such as BBC News and CNN International, since American sources fail to give me the kind of coverage that I need.

The revolution will not be televised. However, it will be, and is being, Tweeted. Those supporting Iranian reform candidate Mir-Hussein Mousavi have increasingly turned to Twitter as a means of communication since text messages and Facebook have been cut off within Iran.

The rest of it was a very long recap of the events so far, and links to more information about the elections and the protests, as well as those tweeting about the events. Putting it all in list format.



Iranian (all have consented to have their usernames public)


Americans Assisting

Informational Videos

  • Analysis of Political Dynamics in Iran, part 1 and part 2 (Fareed Zakaria, Reza Aslan, Nicholas Burns, Afshin Molavi)

That’s all for now, Dosers. I may be adding to this in the morning, or whenever I get more information.

ETA: Reza Aslan says this via Twitter:

@ASLANmedia: Obama should remain silent. Nothing positive he can do to help the situation in Iran. Stay out of it so there’s no accusations of meddling.

Too true, IMO.


  1. I’ve been following this for the past day and a half and I’m still blown away by what’s been going on online. This is what happens when you piss off the Internet. And I think I like it.

  2. Let me second the Woodchucks chuck. Here’s a comment from some proffesor guy I stole from HuffPo
    “This is it. This is the big one.” NYU Professor Clay Shirky (via email from Diane Tucker):

    “I’m always a little reticent to draw lessons from things still unfolding, but it seems pretty clear that … this is it. The big one. This is the first revolution that has been catapulted onto a global stage and transformed by social media. I’ve been thinking a lot about the Chicago demonstrations of 1968 where they chanted ‘the whole world is watching.’ Really, that wasn’t true then. But this time it’s true … and people throughout the world are not only listening but responding. They’re engaging with individual participants, they’re passing on their messages to their friends, and they’re even providing detailed instructions to enable web proxies allowing Internet access that the authorities can’t immediately censor. That kind of participation is really extraordinary.

    Traditional media operates as source of information not as a means of coordination. It can’t do more than make us sympathize. Twitter makes us empathize. It makes us part of it. Even if it’s just retweeting, you’re aiding the goal that dissidents have always sought: the awareness that the ouside world is paying attention.

  3. Here’s an even better one. I was drawm by HuffPos headline but as we know HuffPos headlines always lie. It’s like they think it’s ‘pay per click’. This one may check out. I sure hope so. Here’s the headline:
    Top Clerical Group That Can Unseat Khamenei Reportedly Summoned…
    “The Very Foundation Of The Islamic Republic Is Up In The Air Right Now”

    OK, here’s what it refers to.
    “2:01 AM ET — Aslan: Rafsanjani calls “emergency” meeting of Assembly of Experts. If true, this is a bombshell. Appearing on CNN last night, Iran expert Reza Aslan reported this:

    There are very interesting things that are taking place right now. Some of my sources in Iran have told me that Ayatollah Rafsanjani, who is the head of the Assembly of Experts — the eighty-six member clerical body that decides who will be the next Supreme Leader, and is, by the way, the only group that is empowered to remove the Supreme Leader from power — that they have issued an emergency meeting in Qom.

    Now, Anderson, I have to tell you, there’s only one reason for the Assembly of Experts to meet at this point, and that is to actually talk about what to do about Khamenei. So, this is what I’m saying, is that we’re talking about the very legitimacy, the very foundation of the Islamic Republic is up in the air right now. It’s hard to say what this is going to go.

    The reader in Iran who tipped me off to this sent a follow-up note:

    jesus christ dude,

    I’m [in my 30s] and never thought of it, let alone witnessing it as it unfolds.

    I’m going nuts.

    HOLY SHIT !!!”

    A Guy named Nico Pitney has been live blogging this thing for days now. Let’s hope this isn’t some form of sleep deprivation psychosis.

  4. This black background on the comment box is really annoying. There will be typos. Fuck it.
    I was going to post some shit I found written by radical right wing zionists but this is happy time for a while so we can skip it. And the blame anti-semitism on bernie madoff. Jeesh!

  5. Aaah – I missed Aslan on CNN, wish I’d have been able to catch him! Thanks for the recap.

    Radical right-wing Zionists? How could that possibly relate, I wonder? Oh, hurrah. We find a good cause and people proceed to stink it up with unrelated politics.

    …oh man, I should go to bed, it’s 3 AM.

  6. Yeah, they are rabid about Iran and spoiling for war. Since you asked here’s a moderately nasty piece from politico:titled “Ahmadinejad won. Get over it”

    The piece is so wrong on many points and last weekend they got a by line in the NYTimes.

  7. Here’s a whole website full of the shit

  8. Good night!

  9. Tommy you do have my symapathy on the lost work.
    When I blog from this stinkin’ liittle dell laptop, the mousepad is so damned touchy that an accidental touch invariably sends whatever I wrote to cyberparts unknown.

  10. Lets hope Nico Pitney isn’t found dead in an alley somewhere for reporting.

  11. Thanks, but I’m not the unfortunate soul who wrote, and lost, the piece. That was our own Alex Villanueva. I’ll pass it along, though. Sorry, Alex!

  12. Yep, whenever you see the little grey box in the upper right-hand corner, it’s me. 😀

    Seconding you re: Nico Pitney, Sekan.

  13. I don’t think Nico is actually in Iran. He is however risking his health with the late hours he keeps. Jason Jones from the Daily show actually is in Iran though.

    Did you know that when you press ‘control r’ while writing an email on AOL that it makes it disappear? With Word it ‘replaces’ the word you will be asked to designate, hence the ‘R’.
    I learned this while writing a very important email to someone very important, which is kind of an unusual thing for me to be doing. I told myself that it will be better in the rewrite. It wasn’t. That missing email shines in my recollection as perhaps the finest thing that I or anyone for that matter, has ever written. So, my question is, what the fuck does AOLs email program think the ‘R’ stands for?

  14. …’remove’? No wait, ‘R’ is obviously short for ‘screw you oveR’.

    Just one of the many reasons I hate AOL software.

    Been keeping up with Jason Jones. Can’t believe he’s still in Iran…does he count as a ‘Western journalist’?

  15. How about ‘Rethink’? ‘Regret’?

    I don’t think Jason is even a writer on the show. They appear to be divided between ‘actors’ and writers. His wife, samantha Bee doesn’t write for the show either. This is from,Larry Wilmore. FORATV has a video of one of Larrys book promo thingys from a bookstore. I got kind of hooked on watching videos of book promotions just to check out the introductions by the store managers. Great stuff.

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