President Obama’s Rumored Visit to Briefing Doesn’t Materialize

I was running very late for today’s White House Press Briefing when I got the follWhite_House_deskowing intriguing Tweet from Christina Bellantoni of the Washington Times:

For anyone interested … rumors someone may make a special appearance in WH briefing room very shortly. Tune in.about 5 hours ago from TweetDeck

As soon as I realized she wasn’t talking about me, I started hurrying more than I already was.  I parked my car and sprinted about a half-a-block before I hit what professional athletes call “the wall.”

Anyway, I eventually made it, heaving and panting like a Saint Bernard with a two-pack-a-day habit, only to find Robert Gibbs.  Not that there’s anything wrong with Gibbs.

So, it turns out I wasted all that time modifying my questions in my head (in between prayers for a quick end to my suffering).

I found out later that the rumor of an appearance by President Obama had its genesis with the presence of 2 White House photographers in the briefing room.  That’s pretty solid intel, but I would have expected a little more skepticism from a room full of journalists.


  1. Did you park up by 13th and I again? There really needs to be press parking…

  2. No, I parked where we moved to, G & 13. Card worked this time.

  3. GEE, ya think a room full of the countries top reporters, at least one of them would have quizzed the photographers?

  4. Countries?

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