Photos and President Obama’s Remarks at Young Men’s Barbecue

I have to get out of here soon, so here are some photos from today’s event, followed by the President’s remarks.  Alex has more, and I’m sure she’ll write in more detail about the event, which featured Chef Bobby Flay sharing his grill with the President, a visit from skateboard-toting mentor Tony Hawk, and the aforementioned DMC.

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Office of the Press Secretary


For Immediate Release June 19, 2009



South Lawn

4:25 P.M. EDT

THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. Everybody have a seat. First of all, let’s give thanks that it’s not raining, because we thought it might be and we were worried that Bobby would be sending smoke into the White House. But it’s a beautiful day.

I want to personally acknowledge once again — they’ve already been introduced, but I want to introduce them because some of you young people are sitting with them — you may not know who you’re sitting with — the extraordinary men who are participating in this event today. First of all, Chief Quartermaster John Lehnen — thank you so much, John. Some of you may know this guy, Dwayne Wade. I hear he plays basketball pretty good. (Laughter.) Etan Thomas, another ball player; Joseph Jones, the Center for Urban Families; Greg Brown, who is the CEO of Motorola; Antwaan Randle El, outstanding football player; Dr. Steve Rosen, Northwestern Cancer Center; Jorge Ramos, one of the premier journalists in the country; B.D. Wong, outstanding actor; Tony Hawk, who is the best skateboarder in the world; Coach Bill Cowher of the championship Steelers; Darryl “DMC” McDaniels; Mike Laas, who is a small businessman; Senator Evan Bayh, former colleague of ours; Fatherhood Dads, Inc., President David Ladd; the President of Morehouse College, Dr. Robert Franklin; as well as some of the outstanding members of my staff — Mike Strautmanis, Denis McDonough, Reggie Love. And we also want to thank Bobby Flay, one of the best chefs in the world, for providing us with this unbelievably good-looking grub over here. (Applause.)

I don’t want to talk long. I want to come around and say hello to everybody. I just want to thank all of you for participating. For the young people who are here today, I just hope that the message that we’re sending out about how important fathers are is something that you will internalize, because all of you are probably going to end up being fathers. And the time is now to start thinking about what that means in terms of responsibilities, what it means to be a man. And the men who are — you’re going to be sitting with today I think exemplify — whether they’re famous or not famous, rich or not so rich, they embody that spirit of love and dedication and commitment that fatherhood is all about.

So we appreciate all of you. I don’t want to get in the way of the food. Thank you for participating. Hope you guys have a good time. And to all the fathers out there, happy Father’s Day. All right? (Applause.)

END 4:29 P.M. EDT



  1. I would love to burn some burgers with the prez.
    Bobby can go back to the early morning circuit. I’ll take over from here. EVEN SOBER.
    Don’t wanna get hammered with CIA around. May wake up who the hell knows where.

  2. Well, I can skateboard about as well as Biden can hold his tounge, so that part is out.
    Basketball, now there’s a thought. I want to referee. Imagine that. Calling a friggin’ PERSONAL FOUL on the POTUS. That would rock.

    Tommy, you remember the bit on Chapelle show where Charlie Murphy talks about PRINCE and his band taking Eddie, Charlie, Dave and friends to play basketball after the nighclub closed?
    Now I would like to see a Prince and friends take on Obama, Rahm and the boys!

  3. You got better pictures of the grilling and Tony Hawk and Orszag than me. It is to be expected: Verily, the zoom on my camera doth suck!

    Did you see if Gibbs was actually grilling as well, or was he just there?

  4. […] barbecue being grilled, thinking that last call for the open press event on the South Lawn (the aforementioned barbecue, but this I did not know) was then. It wasn’t. It was pre-set for TV. So we were marched […]

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