Took a Test to Become an MC

A few minutes ago, I got to meet an authentic legend.  Darryl McDaniels, 1/3 of rap pioneers Run DMC, was at the White House today for the President’s Father’s Day event, and I caught up to him afterwards, while he was giving another interview, which will air on MSNBC tomorrow night.

I spoke with his manager briefly, and he told me about Darryl’s involvement with Adoptees For Children, a group that he co-founded to help send kids growing up without parents to summer camp.

The little bit of the interview I caught was riveting, so I recommend you look it up and try to catch it.

As for me, I will begin practicing my freestyling skills in case we meet again.



  1. […] Photos and President Obama’s Remarks at Young Men’s Barbecue I have to get out of here soon, so here are some photos from today’s event, followed by the President’s remarks.  Alex has more, and I’m sure she’ll write in more detail about the event, which featured Chef Bobby Flay sharing his grill with the President, a visit from skateboard-toting mentor Tony Hawk, and the aforementioned DMC. […]

  2. I know that must have been a thrill for you, being such a big fan and all (weren’t we just singing their cover of Aerosmith’s “Walk This Way”?) Looking muy guapo, mi amorcito 😉

  3. Good to see you all up in that WH, Tommy!!!

    Keep it Going!!

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