White House Fly-Killing Station

Note to PETA: Flies spread diseases.  And they’re gross.

Tommy_Christopher_Daily_Dose 087



  1. If PETA doesn’t want to be the butt of jokes they should at least move the cause up the food chain a little. Baby seals with those sad eyes always worked well.

  2. I think there may be something to KLayne’s piece on PD about Obama being a Zen Master….



  3. Briefing room shenanigans, where would we be without you?

  4. he did that to that fly just to scare republicans.

  5. hahahahahaha Louie…

  6. […] around inside for a bit because of the unprecedented photo ops re: podium. And also the discovered Purell dispenser. Then we headed outside to find some barbecue being grilled, thinking that last call for the open […]

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