DOMA Defense ‘Apology’ Should Have Come From Top of White House Ladder

There has been some walk-back on the Justice Department’s brief in defense of DOMA, which seemed to equate same sex marriage with incest.  As Jake Tapper reports, the qualms come from a staff secretary to the President:

In a panel discussion at the liberal American Constitution Society Friday, President Obama’s staff secretary, Lisa Brown, expressed personal reservations about some of the language in the Justice Department brief against same-sex marriage that cited the ability of states to refuse to recognize incestuous marriages as a comparison with same-sex ones.

“It was an awful lot better that the brief that was written in the Bush administration,” Brown said, as first reported by Politico’s Josh Gerstein. “There’s no question — personal statement — that there were some cites in there that should not … have been in there.”

Setting aside the weakness of the statement (“Mr. Dahmer said, of his freezer, that there were some heads that should not have been in there…”), this is something that should have come quicker, and from higher up, than this.  The opportunity was certainly there, as the very same Jake Tapper gave Robert Gibbs a shot at clarifying this earlier in the week: Continue reading

Right Wing Creaming Over Obama and Iran – Ice Cream, Cream Puffs

While President Obama has rolled out a still-stronger statement on the unrest in Iran, there are some on the righs-YES-PECAN-larget who are more obsessed with cream than with productive diplomacy.

First, there was GOP Congressman Dana Rohrbacher’s assertion that President Obama is a “cream puff.”  It’s a nice sound byte, unless you spend a second or two thinking.  Along with the rest of the chorus saying “Do something, do anything!”, Rohrbacher seems to forget what happened when the last Decider-in-Chief felt a little impotent and went off half-cocked.  Isn’t that really what the “cream puff” dig was about, another veiled shot at the President’s masculinity?

Now, the loons on the right are up in arms about the President taking his daughters for ice cream while Iran suffers violent turmoil.  The uproar was so instantaneous and fierce that fellow White House reporter Mark Knoller had this to say only moments after tweeting about the dessert run:  (via Twitter) Continue reading