Right Wing Creaming Over Obama and Iran – Ice Cream, Cream Puffs

While President Obama has rolled out a still-stronger statement on the unrest in Iran, there are some on the righs-YES-PECAN-larget who are more obsessed with cream than with productive diplomacy.

First, there was GOP Congressman Dana Rohrbacher’s assertion that President Obama is a “cream puff.”  It’s a nice sound byte, unless you spend a second or two thinking.  Along with the rest of the chorus saying “Do something, do anything!”, Rohrbacher seems to forget what happened when the last Decider-in-Chief felt a little impotent and went off half-cocked.  Isn’t that really what the “cream puff” dig was about, another veiled shot at the President’s masculinity?

Now, the loons on the right are up in arms about the President taking his daughters for ice cream while Iran suffers violent turmoil.  The uproar was so instantaneous and fierce that fellow White House reporter Mark Knoller had this to say only moments after tweeting about the dessert run:  (via Twitter)

Surprised by the outrage at the ice cream outing. What is it you expect or want the US to do about Iran? Attack? War?about 23 hours ago from web

No, apparently, they expect him to crush a beer can on his head, hop into his taxicab-yellow Hummer, and start doing threatening donuts on the North Lawn.
Not the only, but surely the best, example of righties trying to score on the Prez for this is Jim Treacher:

Let them eat soft-serve. Confection accomplished. Heck of a glob, Barry. Barack Obama doesn’t care about lactose-intolerant people. “Now watch this drive… to the ice cream shop.”

In all fairness, that pic is from a previous ice-cream run, so his grin may not have been quite as wide yesterday.

To learn more about how our emperor dawdled while Tehran burned, check out Jeff “What enchants you, Mr. President?” Zeleny’s hard-hitting report. And then try to imagine the NYT’s coverage if Bush had pulled a stupid stunt like this on a day like yesterday. Of course, if it’d been Bush, he’d be taking a break from his responsibilities (like supporting democracy), not a break from shirking them.

It isn’t about the ice cream. People need to start realizing that Obama isn’t the President of the United States; the United States is the throne upon which Obama sits.

“How can the President eat ice cream at a time like this,” he typed, occasionally brushing the Cheeto dust off of his keyboard.  It is a frivolous observation, one that cheapens the conversation about a deadly serious topic.

Surprisingly, even my good friend Ed Morrissey bit on this ice cream man argument, however slightly. (Correction: The ice cream update was written by Allahpundit.)

There has been a lot to be proud of in the response of ordinary Americans to the unrest in Iran. Most noteworthy is the emergence of Twitter as the best, sometimes only, means of delivering information to, and from, the violently oppressed demonstrators there. In a symbolic gesture of solidarity with those protesters, many tweeps have turned their icons green. Some see this as a hollow gesture, while others see a down-payment on war with Iran, but the move is also symbolic of the frustration that many of us feel. Although helping to shine a light on that which the Iranian government would hide is of great practical import, it is a necessarily passive task.

Beyond this, America is in a much better position to hurt the protesters in Iran than to help them. Press Secretary Robert Gibbs reiterated the need for caution at Friday’s briefing:

(L)et me repeat again, there are people in Iran that would love for us to get involved. There are people in Iran who would love not to make it about one side in Iran versus another, but to make this about Iran versus the West or Iran versus the United States of America.

While there are, as Gibbs says, many on the right who recognize the wisdom of the President’s course, there are others who either see the bloodshed in Iran as a chance to score cheap points against the President, or who feel that “tough talk” is a satisfactory substitute for actually helping the situation.  I would place Senator John McCain in a separate category, though, as I believe that his statement about the President’s role was ill-advised, but made in good faith.

At this point, whatever the United States does must be done as part of the broader world community. To do otherwise would place the protesters between us and the government of Iran, not the other way around. The effectiveness, or lack thereof, of the UN is a seperate matter that only adds to the feeling of helplessness and impotence.

There may come a time when more direct US involvement is called for, and I hope that, until then, people like Rohrbacher will try to remember what happens if you expend your ammunition prematurely.



  1. I tell ya what

    I better not even HEAR of any of the nimcapoops, even EATING during the unrest in Iran!!!

    WTF is wrong with these people, I know you really don’t have anything to bitch valid about, and you are grasping at the straw man, but come on!!!

    How ridickle can you guys get?…Id say pretty from the looks of it…

    I suppose you would only be happy with the president chained to the desk in the oval office 24/7….why didn’t you scream about this sort of thing when Bush was in Crawford, like FOREVER, and constantly on vacation?

    This faux outcry is getting really laughable.

  2. If by “Hollow Gesture” you mean pretending putting on a green visor when some do absolutely nothing, you’re right. If by “hollow gesture” you mean asking for solidarity while at the same time screaming for the Ice Cream Brigade like Eddie Murphy on Meth, you’re double right. Or, if by “Hollow Gesture” you mean the “Ice Cream Arguemnt” I predicted days ago they would use against Iran (On June 14), you’re right. If by “Hollow Gesture” you mean you just proved my point with your aritcle, you’re right again. If you think twitter as a means of getting out video and technological advances, you’re wrong.

    Yes, even your friend Ed Morrissey is showing his true colors with his brilliant Ice Cream article. He happens to be nice.and a gentleman, but, his argument is intellectually bankrupt. Just like his dumbass green avatar. Nice show of solidarity.

    But, because I have the “iranian Conflation Futurific Gizmo,” I, unlike many, was able to predict this agument, oh say, a week ago:


    But, that’s ok. “Hollow Gesture.” I gave an unhollow gesture to Moe Lane and The Jaggoff’s at Red State last night. Maybe you remember them. Yes. The editor in chief use to think of you masturbating.

    Oh God Of All that is funny. Did you not click on all the links? Did you read all of the articles? No. There were three. You see, I know you didn’t. Did you listen to the radio show last night? Hmmmm….

    I know you don’t need lessons on Satire. Or reading. Or anything. You have all the answers. On comedy. On what is politically correct. Perhaps you ought criticize Dave Letterman for being a “rapist.” Oh. You did. Well, perhaps you ought criticize Bill Maher for confronting this issue on Real Time. Right To Meghna McCains Face.

    Most of these jerks on the web, not all, couldn’t even spell Iran or Twitter until a few days ago.

    So, where is it that I wrote it was a blanket, en toto, “Hollow Gesture?” No where. And, it’s not that you don’t understnad satire. This one, you do not. And, I say that with the utmost respect. You just don’t get it. My point is, it is hollow if you don’t do anything about it.

    Maybe talk to Allahpundit. Yes. I’m sure his screen name is not a slap in the face of those he allegedly tries to help. You want to talk about “hollow?” Defend his screen name.

    Go Ahead Tommy. Defend Allahpundits screen name. Hollow is the description of his skull.

    Maybe I’ll start posing as ChristioanGodPUndit. Or, JesusPundit. Maybe, MosesPundit. Hollow.

    Your argument is hollow. As to my satire. Intrestingly, not that this is a story to scoop i because it is only worth making fun of, but, maybe look at the Eddie Murphy article from this morning.

    What you utterly ignore is the writers intent. Always. Think Letterman intended to make a “rape” joke? Think Bill Maher is wrong? I don’t mind being lumped with them.

    Nevertheless, I respectfully know I’m right. Why? Because I know the debate I wanted to st9imulate. What can you do with the green visor. Bash the prez? Open up a proxy? Same thing right? Maybe just put it on for the sake of it. Like in the other article you read and had no objection to.

    All of these issues are there to debate. Mind you, before any shit went down Sunday morning. So, I’m sorry, but I have to give you an “I.” Incomplete. Why, you fail to mention the other stories I wrote before this. You make a bald concluseion with no analysis. Further, you ignore my stated intent from the June 14 article. You also failed to even discuss the Mullahs operating as moles as Americans and as protesters who are duping others to their deaths.

    Happy Father’s Day.

  3. Because I cannot see the text in this black background, let me be clear. I have always stated, explicitly and implicityly, in voice and text, the technological aspect of twitter, You Tube and other nteworks is great. The bullshit kneee jerk is just that. ICE CREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAM! THE ICE CREAM MAN IS COMING. 😦

  4. It was probably racist too.

  5. @Jim Treacher: No one thinks you’re racist, but, I’d sure love for you to explain why your article is built for the speed of a low-grade moron.

    Ice-cream diplomacy. All due respect, how can you justify your contention intellectually. C’mon. Do you want to know why you lose? Because of vanilla that tastes like curdled milk.



    There is but one response to this tomfoolery, this hoopla, this mountain-made-of-a-dust-speck (all together now): “Bitch, please.”

  7. “I’d sure love for you to explain why your article is built for the speed of a low-grade moron.”

    Because I wanted to make sure you’d read it.

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