Tonight was the first chance I’ve had to see the video of Neda, the young Iranian woman shot to death while watching a demonstration.  I’m nearly speechless.  Her eyes just grab at you.

She has become a powerfully symbolic figure in just 2 days, and her name as a rallying cry quickly reminded me of Stephen Biko.  I have often wondered if Biko, as he lay dying in prison, had any idea what his death would come to mean to the world.  I’ve wondered if, even knowing that, he would have spared himself that death.

The ripples of Neda’s death have only just begun, and I hope that whatever becomes of it, people remember those eyes, and are haunted by them.


  1. Tommy, its as if she new, the world would see her, she never too her eyes off of that camera phone…

    She has been in my dreams for the past 2 nites.

  2. I have a child her age.

  3. sorry for the typos…something happened to my “k”

  4. Speechless.

  5. Let Freedom ring, Let the white dove sing,
    Let the whole world know that today
    Is a day of reckoning.
    Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong
    Roll the stone away, let the guilty pay
    It’s Independence Day.

    Talk about your revolution
    It’s Independence Day

    While the whole song is about one woman’s Independence Day, this can apply to
    anyone in any situation.

  6. I had read she was 22, then 27 and yet another article that says she was 26. Anyone know for sure?


  7. I heard 27, still too young, and hits too close to home for me.

  8. yes, still way too young..

    she will be remember by many people, for a very very long time…

  9. This shook me up. Had to write at least something about it.
    If you don’t get a little teary on this one you need counceling.

  10. sekanblogger,

    is your dad ok?

  11. I still don’t have the stomach to watch the video… CNN reports that protest are still going on at this moment and the regime is cracking down hard on them…

  12. […] Iranian election, so that made a difference, too.  Now. the film carries extra resonance, as the death of young Neda echoes through […]

  13. […] Iranian election, so that made a difference, too.  Now. the film carries extra resonance, as the death of young Neda echoes through […]

  14. […] Neda’s heartbreaking death has become a rallying cry, Ahmadinejad’s “mission statement” here will just as […]

  15. […] At times, liberals would, privately, evince feelings of superiority at their late-arriving conservative counterparts, but I wouldn’t entertain that.  A sincere change of heart is to be welcomed, not scorned.  You would have to think pretty poorly of your fellow man to think he wasn’t moved to the core by events such as the killing of Neda. […]

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