Tommy Christopher’s New Gig

So, I got my first post-Playboy paying gig today, and in the “not just irony, but irony squared” department, it’s not only with AOL, it’s for Asylum.

I encourage you all to check out my debut story there, Perez Hilton Takes on, Snubs 911 Operators*, and re-tweet the crap out of it.  Let Asylum know they made a good move.

I’ll continue to post here, and I’m still on the lookout for more freelance work, but this is a hell of a good start.  Asylum does monster traffic, and it’s the perfect place for a man’s man like yours truly.

Thanks to everyone who stuck with me.



  1. Congratulations! I didn’t find you until the whole Playboy episode. I would probably define myself as being more conservative than most of your readership , but I enjoy reading intelligent columns from both sides of an issue.Very good news that you found another forum so quickly.

  2. I knew it!!!

    Congratulations Tommy, may this be the first of many many many in your future!

    Love to you and LadyD, and all the lil Tommys

  3. Congrats you commie pinko Enlightened Liberal! Glad things worked out in the end and I’m sure there will bet more freelance work. I disagree with 99% of your opinions, but you sure are a good writer…

  4. How can anyone disagree with 99% of anyone else? We’re not all THAT partisan, all the time.

    Well, maybe Begala… He stirs his Alpha-Bits an extra 15 minutes every morning, just to see the words that pop up on the right so he can craft talking points.

  5. Congrats, babe 😉 This’ll be a great fit for you. If peeps don’t see this as vindication, that top management at AOL (over MH) would go to bat for you, I don’t know what would!

    Hello, Michelle! Thanks for all your support, much appreciated 🙂 Nice compliments, Ulises and Bobbi.

  6. We’re all gonna get laid!

  7. I wanna retweet….but, still in that akward newbie stage of being a twitter, twit?


    I did something, but not sure it was a retweet


    Hi ya Diana!! There is a light at the end of that tunnel baby girl…don’t ever stop believing!!

  8. To Cube

    Hey bigboy!!! wink wink….

  9. Wait a minute… if Mr. C. was no longer working for AOL and was kind of unemployed, how did he attended the WH news briefings? You don’t have to represent a particular news organization to go? Or just being a newsperson does it? How does that works..?

  10. Just read about your new gig, Tommy, way to go!!! I’m gonna check it out after I post this. Congrats!! And not to soon I might add–Cube needed to get laid!!! LOL! 😉

    Hi Diana, and you too Michelle (thanks for the dropped cyberdime on this).

  11. Uli, Mr.C has worked his behind off to get that press pass….and tech. he does still work for AOL…

    kinda shows ya who’s side they are on don’t it?

    PCL…anytime chickadee….

  12. AOL didn’t have anything to do with getting me into the WH. I’ve always gotten my own credentials.

  13. Hey, hey…easy please.. I was just asking a question… I’m not implying anything… I always thought that news people in the WH briefing room were all associated with a particular news organization, then today I realized that Mr. C. was still at the WH briefing while not being associated with a news organization and I wanted to know how that work…

  14. Didn’t mean to sound testy.

  15. Oh no, you didn’t sound testy…I just wanted to clarify my intent… I don’t really know how what I write is interpreted, so I prefer to err on the side of caution…

  16. Uli, are you in Spain?

  17. Tommy, good deal. As a recent Tommy follower, SALUTE.
    Cube, you stole that line from Caddyshack. Well done.

    I’ve never been to Spain, but I’ve been to Oklahoma.
    No. I wasn’t born there.

  18. If I follow a woman on twitter, would it be improper to say;

  19. Ha!

  20. You said testy

  21. Is it called ASYLUM because the ladies are insane there?
    Congratulations Tommy! I’m dying to know what BO thinks about the latest Kate and Jon developments. I feel he should have been more forceful in his statements condemning the testicle shredding Kate regime and more supportive of the demonstrations calling for her ouster. The turn out was estimated at EIGHT!!

  22. The generated link to for this story: “Twins in Playboy and Saliva for Sale”. Looking a bit further into this link we find an ASYLUM article that links, nay PROMOTES this:”Top Ten Toys I’d Like to F***”.
    Here we go again!

  23. read it and weep!

    How could these toys possibly give legal consent? I don’t know the toy/human years ratio but some of these toys seem awfully young and besides, aren’t toys under the authority of their owner? Does that situation alone make all sexual relationships between the two parties RAPE?
    Tommy, I really don’t see how, in all good conscience, you can stand by while this goes on.

  24. Sakenblogger: In Arizona, not Oklahoma–what does it matter?

    Fitzi: I thought the ladies were insane in Spain?

  25. I really don’t remember. Oklahoma, Ariizona, what does it matter?

  26. Well, I’ve never been to Spain–but I kinda like their music.

  27. We are really aging ourselves on this one. 😉

  28. Dating, but we may be aging ourselves too!

  29. Of course I’ve been dating myself for years now. Too many to mention…

  30. Awesome, a happy ending.

  31. LOL!! Dating–a much better word, indeed. As for age–it’s just a damn number anyway. What was that line I once heard and loved: the older the violin, the sweeter the music. It’s all in the attitude, Fitzi–and a good bottle of red wine!! 😉

  32. Thank you, The Hedonistic Pleasureseeker. That did work out alright. Oh, you mean Tommy…I guess that worked out OK too.

  33. Michelle,

    Not, from the Dominican Republic…

  34. Opps….sorry, wrong answer…I thought you were asking me where I was from… I’m not in spain, I’m in Kissimmee, FL….

  35. It’s an old song. Generational cultural reference problem.
    Never Been to Spain, by 3 Dog Night

  36. Hey, so you finally got to talk to them? Congrats! 😀

  37. Congratulations, Tommy! I knew it was only a matter of time. I really liked your story on Hilton and “To tweet or not to tweet”. Kudos to you!

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