Literal Fox Has Actual Shoe Addiction

YFox_US_Fish_and_Wildlife_Service_6_22_09ou really do learn something new every day.  For example, I never knew that a “vixen” was an actual female fox.  I just thought it was something old guys called hot young women.

According to Der Spiegel (via HPS), an actual mama fox has been on a year-long crime spree:

A vixen has stolen more than 120 shoes from doorsteps in the German town of Föhren over the last year, amassing a collection that would impress even Imelda Marcos. Little bite marks on the laces suggest they’re intended as toys for her cubs.

I know, the obvious joke here is “Heh, womens like shooz,” but I think there’s a much more glaring question: Why the eff do these people continue to leave their shoes on their doorsteps?  Come to think of it, why’d they even start doing that?  Are they trying to appease the ghost of Dr. Scholl?

Whatever the reason, Der Spiegel reports that “Imelda” (funny stuff, Der Spiegel) continues to filch footwear.  Guess she’s waiting for the other shoe to drop.


  1. In many cultures, they leave their shoes at the doorstep

    It has something to do with energy transferring from the outside, to the inside (feng shui) and its more than likely has to do with bringing in the outside grim into the clean home.

  2. Breaking news….
    the vixen was found to have been trained by, and working for Imelda Marcos.

  3. Man, that’s crazy.

    …crazy like a fox!

  4. P.S. The Imelda Marcos jokes are not lost on the young, either. 😀

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