Asylum Puts Some Truth in Advertising on Governor Mark Sanford


Bob from The Minority Report is the sharp-eyed reader who noticed that my new employer, Asylum, appears to be giving Governor Mark Sanford some useful advice. The Trojan ad is a hilarious juxtaposition, but purely a coincidence. Still, it makes you want to go back and scour Larry Craig stories for Charmin ads, doesn’t it?



  1. I still think you paid someone off to run that ad today!



  2. I feel sorry for the guy, I don’t know what could have been going through his mind… but that might be because no hot Argentinean babe finds me attractive. Stanford could have been running for president in 2012, or even be a VP candidate and have the honor of been ambushed by Charlie Gibson or Katie Couric… but he through it all away for…well, I really don’t know… is the other woman hot? Any pictures available..?

    Anyway, I just wanted an excuse to post a link to this video from The Onion of a congressman preemptively apologizing for an affair… I somehow think is appropriate for the occasion…

  3. […] I was telling a friend that I’m starting to see a pattern here, with John Ensign and Mark Sanford announcing affairs, and a new round of attacks on Palin.  With this resignation, that makes 3 […]

  4. […] I touched on this yesterday, but I wanted to take a deeper look into the idea that Sarah Palin’s shocking resignation might be connected with the recent scandals involving Senator John Ensign and Governor Mark Sanford. […]

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