Updated with Video: Robert Gibbs Gets Dunked By Press Corps

Update: We have video! (including slow-mo)

Here are a couple of quick photos of a pre-and-post dunking tank Robert Gibbs.  The AP’s Ben Feller and CBS News’ Bill Plante managed to drop Gibbs once each.





  1. He’s such a classy guy, the way he’s dressed so modestly for the occasion….but I WAS looking forward to seeing him shirtless in flowered board shorts. I just LOVE Mr. Gibbs!

    Hey, any chance of revenge dunking on Bill Plante’s part?!

  2. Any pictures of Rahm being dunked so we have more of a complete set? 😛

  3. More news of the dunk tank! Also, Orszag got dunked at least 12 times. Poor Orszag.

  4. Yeah, that was great. I’ll never forget that afternoon at the White House. I was the black guy wearing the Lei. Some call wearing ‘black face’ a demeaning racial insult, I call it a full access White House pass.

  5. Did you see me? I look pretty good.if I do say so myself. The Lei was sheer genius. I snuck off and smoked one out back and then me and the girls did a gigantic ‘Lite Brite’ of the DC skyline. Those kids are pretty lucky!

  6. Did you see me after Gibbsy got dunked? I’m all like ‘no you didn’t’. Nobody heard me though.

  7. Everybody was like, ‘a Brother in a Lei. That’s cool’, and I’m all like ‘Alright’…

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