San Diego Sheriffs in Gay Panic Attack at Democratic Fundraiser


The San Diego Sheriff’s Department brought the heat when a neighbor claimed that gay congressional candidate Francine Busby was bringin’ the noise.  According to the candidate, the neighbor was hurling anti-gay epithets over the fence during her speech, which occurred at 8pm, an hour and a half before the noise complaint.

Some highlights:

Francine Busby says she will demand an explanation from the Sheriff’s Department about deputies breaking up a fundraising party held for her in Cardiff and arresting the host.

The party was Friday night (at) the home of Shari Barman, a Busby supporter.

It ended with Barman, 60, being arrested and jailed on suspicion of battery on a peace officer, and resisting, delaying and obstructing a peace officer.

Pam Morgan, …one of the guests, also was arrested…

…Other partygoers were doused with pepper spray, and seven deputies, a sergeant and a helicopter were dispatched to the neighborhood of expensive homes.

A helicopter?  Some homophobic crank calls in a noise complaint, and these guys turn it into Apocalypse Now?This is the modern equivalent of one of those old-timey pie fights, only with ocular burning and a choking sensation.  Of course, the cops give a different version of events.

While trying to deal with the complaint, guests at the party surrounded Abbott and he felt threatened, Yancey said.

“We don’t like people standing behind us – we have Tasers, guns, clubs,” he said.

Wow, this guy must be a gas at the DMV.  If standing behind him gets you Tased, what happens if you give him “bunny ears?”

Of course, who can’t sympathize, right?  You stick anybody in that situation with an arsenal of weaponry, surrounded by miffed political donors, amd they’re bound to get jumpy.  There should be some way of teaching them how to not lose their shit in this situation, some kind of, um, academy or something.

The story doesn’t say how much, if anything, Busby got to raise at the event before the cops turned it into the bar scene in From Dusk ’til Dawn, but just in case, you can visit her webpage to make it up to her.


  1. more knee jerking homophobic reactions..

    what did he think, that they would rassle him down to the ground, dress him in drag and school him in the ways of gay??

    rolling eyes….some people will NEVER let go of their fear and loathing.

  2. Come on people, cops just doing thier job. What was the reaction of the partiers when the police arrived? How do you know the compliaint was because they are gay? Quit playing the victim. Free country means you dont have to like certain lifestyles or you can, simple so if you want respect for your opinions dont trash anothers if they are doing you no harm

  3. He said they were standing behind him….

    seems to me, that this officer caused some harm…

    and why?
    because he felt surrounded? He made no mention of any hostile moves made towards him…so…why the reaction?

  4. On the positive side, at least now we know how to make the cops stop ignoring complaints about a neighbor’s dog barking all night – just say the dog is gay and wait for the SWAT team to arrive.

  5. LOL, Rooker…thats priceless

    very funny…

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