Coleman Finally Feels the Fork, Concedes to Franken


It’s official.  Not only has the Minnesota Supreme Court stuck a fork in Norm Coleman by declaring Al Franken the winner of that Senate race, but incumbent Norm Coleman has acknowleged said fork by conceding to the former SNL’er.

“The Supreme Court has made its decision and I will abide by the results,” Coleman told reporters outside his St. Paul home.

“In these tough times we all need to focus on the future, and the future is that we have a new United States senator,” Coleman said.

This is really the most important part, because it means there won’t be further appeals and challenges by Coleman, and Franken can get on with the business of representing his state.

Of course, it’s great for the Democrats to finally have that magical 60th seat locked down, for all the good it will do that herd of cats.

What really sticks out in my mind is the bleating invocation of Bush v Gore by my fellow liberals at Coleman, asking why now it’s OK to challenge, but Gore was expected to “move on, get over it, quit being pissy.”

Sure, it’s a contradiction, one you point out once.  We’re all grownups, we know there is shit you say just to win.  Why is it OK for the Republican to challenge now, but not then?  Because he lost now, not then.  Duh.  Do you think Dick Howser wouldn’t have used the Pine Tar Rule the very next day if it would have helped him win a game?  Hell yes.

So, mention it once to show your opponent is an ass, not ad nauseum to show you’re a child.


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  1. you know this can be avoided in the future if we all believe in michelle bachman’s words enough for them to come true.
    if we believe her hard enough, all the republicans can be rounded up and put in concentration camps.

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