Limbaugh: Obama Eyes Third Term, Made Jacko Die

I’ve never been that interested in Rush Limbaugh as a source of my political angst. People with actual power were always way better at getting me fired up. With the last vestige of the Bush administration, the android Dick Cheney, slowly fading from public view, I can’t help but notice that Limbaugh has been really trying lately. He’s tossing out redder meat each day and I think it’s time he was (briefly) recognized, especially since the satirical Presidency of Barack Obama that Rush reports on daily from a parallel universe just got a whole lot more interesting over the last 24 hours.

For example, when the president of Honduras Manuel Zelaya, was overthrown by his military because he intended to ignore a ruling by the Honduran Supreme Court that would disallow a referendum on term limits the Obama administration joined the international community in demanding that Zelaya be returned to office. Limbaugh absorbed all of this information and came to the only possible conclusion–President Obama is obviously setting up a run for a third term. How could we not see it? Wiley, that Obama is, setting up his third term only five months into his first term.

As if he needs to, Breakroom Live‘s Sam Seder dives in and rebuts el Rushbo.

If that wasn’t satisfying enough, today Limbaugh weighed in on how politics affected the rise and fall of the King of Pop. “I have an observation about this Jackson thing. Jackson’s success paralleled the rebound of the United States under [Reagan]. Jackson’s biggest successes took place the in 80s … He flourished under Reagan, he languished under Clinton [and] Bush, and he died under Obama.” Rush then said, “Let’s hope this parallel does not continue.”

I guess Limbaugh didn’t notice that the Bush he was talking about was former two-term Republican U.S. President, George W. Bush. I guess the Clinton years were so bad that even the goodness of Dubya’s two administrations couldn’t get him healthy enough to withstand Obama, who quickly finished him off.



  1. Tossing out red meat? More like rotten meat…

    I’ll tell ya what he can do with his timeline…its folks like Rush, that get me fired up! It matters not to me that he has no actual relevance other than to comfound already tortured brains into thinking he is making sense….He reminds me of the preverbial kid in school, that never really had a “group”, but was always bouncing between groups, and “forcing” their way in, by whatever means needed, even to the group that accepts everyone… In this way,Rush goes between and makes up just whatever buzz worthy statements he can muster, laced with the terms of the day…and spins them into something that his followers can sink their chops into…and uses it as fuel to feed the divide.

    Gossip HOUND!!
    Playing both ends to the middle…GAWD I’ll be glad when he has eaten his way to himself!

    and you know who THEY are!!!

  2. Hey,

    You are not Tommy!!


    wow, welcome Jay…..nice read.

  3. Thanks Michelle. Nice to meet ya.

  4. That photo, Jay, got me thinking… Maybe The Rushster is lardy on purpose. He could port around four, five Oxy-Contins between chins 1 & 2 *and* if they dissolved in his flop sweat – SLURP – right into his skin. All the better!

  5. I hope they repeal the 22nd amendment and clone Obama. How did Rush find out about my plans. Shit.

  6. Hi, Jay!

    Please tell me Rush wasn’t serious about the MJ thing. I’m not even going to ask about Obama setting up his third term because I know Rush is already paranoid as hell.

  7. So I guess you all believe that Barack Obama is as thin as a toothpick and has a bowling ball stuck in his hand, right? He must be, that is how he appears in this “picture” by Newsday’s Walt Handelsman, so it must be true…

    Anyone with half a brain would know that Limbaugh was kidding when he said that. He started by saying that M.J. greatest hits came during the Reagan years and that he faltered during the Clinton and Bush 41 years (which is only true if you forget that ‘Off The Wall’ came out during Jimmy Carter presidency). Do you guys know what satire is? I can point you to a good online dictionary if you need it… because I’m afraid of what could happen if you suddenly find The Onion….

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