Media Lizzy Dismissed by Politics Daily:Playboy’s Hate F*** List Strikes Again


For those of you who followed the saga of the Playboy “Hate F*** List,” it’s deletion by Playboy (then by Politico), my firing from Politics Daily, and its Editor-in-Chief’s campaign of lies to cover it up, there is a newer, sadder, much more unjust wrinkle to this story.  You may recall that Media Lizzy played a pivotal role in outing Melinda Henneberger as a liar, providing a smoking-gun email that detailed Politic’s Daily’s internal decision not to address the Playboy story at all.

Now, a month later, Melinda Henneberger has struck again.  From Lizzy’s new site: (bookmark it!)

I was informed yesterday by the (Politics Daily) Hot Seat editor that our relationship was being terminated.  Zero notice.  No reason given.  Nada.  Gee, do ya think it could be because of the Playboy controversy – and publicly outing Melinda Henneberger for lying about her relationship to the firing of Tommy Christopher?

As of this writing, Politics Daily hasn’t explained the dismissal.  I checked with other Hot Seat contributors, and none of them have been let go, although that may change if Melinda wants to cover her tracks again.

There are multiple ironies here, but chief among them is that this is an achievement of the Playboy article’s mission, to harm and marginalize conservative women.  In this case, it has managed to do so to a wonderful woman who was spared inclusion on the original list.

Along with the injustice, I object to the cowardly manner in which this was done, quietly, a month after the fact.

I take comfort in knowing that, although the intent here was not benevolent, my friend Lizzy will feel less harm from this than Politics Daily will.  Disagree with her as I might, it won’t be a tango without her.


  1. Outrageous! Another example of how the snobbish hags over at Politics Daily have no scruples or conscience. If THAT’S what their lofty “traditional journalism” is all about, they can have it (and their two readers)! Media Lizzy aka Elizabeth Blackney is a gifted writer, immensely more talented than these insufferably boring FLOTUS fashion watchers. I would take this as a compliment if I were Lizzy, as she could keep much better company than the people who destroyed a perfectly popular, viable and unique website, Political Machine for the bastion of banality and mediocrity that is Politics Daily (not to mention, Playboy HateFuck List enablers).

  2. Like the Bourbons, Ms Hennenberg forgets nothing and learns nothing!

  3. “Traditional journalistic values” = firing anyone who doesn’t fit into your tiny little box of ideology. Obviously.

    Let freedom ring.

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  6. I didn’t think the Hot Seat thing was an actual job. Not a big deal for her.
    I disagree with Media Lizzie a lot but she is one of the opposition that I have no trouble liking. She was very nice to us in the Unusable Signal days, she has a good sense of humor and she is very pretty, which means of course that I surrender.

    OK a word or two on politics daily. First, since 90% of the writers are women, why bother with a “Woman Up” section? I check it out but I am not drawn to it, even on big news days. Before, I would have to give PM a rest for a while sometimes but as soon as something big came down I’d hit it as one of about 5 sites that became must see for me.

    I have seen one writer there that really impresses me. Head and shoulders above the rest is Donna Trussell. She is the real deal on many fronts here. Genuine, smart, and not one damn bit of cuteness in her stuff at all. Remarkable. If she keeps writing like this thougfh she won’t be at the PD for much longer. Check out a bit of it:

    Presstitutes: All the News That’s Fit to Pimp
    Donna Trussel
    “In the 35 years since Nixon’s resignation, we’ve all watched as newspapers began to stumble. Rare is the paper that has not been tainted with plagiarism, bias, publishing fiction as fact, “infotainment” in place of reporting or a wholesale breach of the wall between editorial and advertising.

    Lewis Lapham, the former editor of Harper’s Magazine, believed the press corps, lobbyists, corporations and politicians of both parties all worked together like one big machine. Lapham referred to it as an oligarchy. You don’t have to bribe a reporter with money or gifts. Nothing so obvious and crude as that! All you have to do is invite them to dinner and a few parties. Make them feel like an important part of the team.

    Comedian Stephen Colbert took the press corps to the woodshed in his speech at the 2006 White House Correspondents Dinner. His blistering – and highly amusing – attack went viral in no time and even spawned a blog, As for most of the journalists in attendance at the dinner, to quote the lovely Eva Marie Saint in “North by Northwest:” They weren’t smiling.”

  7. Here’s some more. One thing I really like about her is she says the same things I’ve been saying. That does it for me every time.
    More from Donna:
    “While mainstream media may be ethics-challenged (or just a lumbering dinosaur), individual writers still try to get the truth out. They may or may not have to fight their editors and publishers. Some write books. Others start blogs. Some aren’t even journalists. A blogger might be an obscure history professor who knows injustice when he sees it, and decides to step up the the plate.

    In times like these one can’t help but think of Jimmy Stewart in the 1939 film, “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.” Mr. Smith, a junior senator, is an unwitting pawn in a statewide graft scheme. The senior senator, naturally, owns the press, so Mr. Smith has to call on the Boy Rangers back home to use their kiddie newspaper to get the facts out to the public.

    In “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington,” democracy emerges victorious. Here’s hoping our own century’s boy (and girl) rangers will save the day, too.”

  8. Fitzi, what the fuck?

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