The Last Word on Michael Jackson…From John Ziegler

I know we’ve already had Michael Jackson stories from Christina and Alex, and my own modest effort, but as my able colleagues pointed out, this is the model of restraint when compared to other media outlets.  Like CNN.

Even so, I was happy to close the book on MJ, until I got a glimpse of this farcical clip from the folks who put the FAIL in #CNNFAIL.  Thanks to uber-Tweep TenGrain for this:

Really? You “tracked Bubbles down?”  He’s in a cage in Florida.  It ain’t exactly “Hungry Like the Wolf.”  (On a side note, how much must it suck to be a chimp who doesn’t quite rate inclusion in the “Great Ape” category?  You get stashed in the “Mediocre Primate Hovel and Bait Shop?”)

Earlier this week, CNN also tracked down a rabbi who was Jackson’s friend.  Not Jackson’s Rabbi, for that might have actually been a story.

I touched on this in yesterday’s WaPo story, but after seeing this video, I had to go back and find the John Ziegler interview that I referenced.
John Ziegler is a guy with whom I agree very little.  You’ve probably all seen him on TV frying the brains of various interviewers, and maybe you’ve seen his movie, “Media Malpractice.”  For conservatives, it’s like Citizen Kane meets Jaws, as entertaining a film as they’re likely to see.

However, even as a liberal, I enjoyed it immensely.  For me, most of it was like watching some alternate universe sci-fi movie, where everything that’s good about Barack Obama doesn’t exist,  but he also makes some great points about the media.  It’s also a great collection of seminal news clips from campaign 2008, tied together with Ziegler’s funny, high-energy narration.

We became friends at this year’s CPAC, and I appeared at a screening of his in May to introduce his film.  Afterward, we were interviewed by some journalism students.  During the interview, John completely floored me by nailing cold the problem with modern journalism (try to ignore the super-trippy painting on the wall behind him):


  1. Alrighty then. Tommy, I can’t believe I’m gonna say this (it is clearly the seventh sign)–but I agree with Ziegler’s assessment on the problem with today’s journalism. It is all about who is paying the bills–not about getting to the truth of the matter any more.

    However, when he talks of ‘pandering’ to certain groups–doesn’t he do that too? I mean isn’t his DVD aimed at a certain demography?

    Anyway, even I will say he did good in that interview–but he’s still a DICK!!!

    Have a great 4th of July, Tommy (and you too, Diana). 😉

  2. […] that’s pretty much it.  Well, if you see my friend, John, tell him I said “Hi.”  I haven’t been able to get him on the […]

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