Mediaite Launch: What the Effing EFF, Gawker?


My apologies to my loyal readers and friends who were caught by surprise by the news that I’m now a columnist for Mediaite, which launched yesterday.  I never got the go-ahead to announce, as my new chief Rachel Sklar was super-busy, so I had to wait until I was published there.

Speaking of the Mediaite launch, Gawker did a nice little write-up on it:

Gawker: Well, it probably just seems as though you’ve been talking about it for months, so forgive me.

Now, there’s been plenty of criticism launched in the direction of your boss, Dan Abrams, for what many, Gawker included, see as a conflict of interest in having a media advisory firm attached to a media website. Obviously, you feel differently. How have Gawker and other critics of Abrams Research/Mediaite been wrong about this?

The implication, of course, is that Mediaite’s journalists would sit by and let Abrams kill stories he didn’t like because he runs a consulting firm.  I couldn’t get ahold of Abrams (here’s what he said about it at Mediaite), but I was lucky enough to get ahold of one of Mediaite’s columnists.

In an exclusive interview, I sat down with Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher and asked him about the criticism that Gawker, among others, has leveled at the new site.  To be clear, Tommy is not a spokesman for Mediaite, so the opinions expressed are his own, and do not represent those of

Daily Dose’s Tommy Christopher: You must be pretty stoked about the new site.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: Definitely, and I also love reading

Daily Dose’s Tommy Christopher: Thanks, Tommy, and we all really loved your first column.

Asylum’s Tommy Christopher: What the frick?  Am I chopped liver?  What about my latest on the 5 best movie shootouts?

Daily Dose’s Tommy Christopher: Hey, dickbag, I’m working here!

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: What a relentless attention-whore.  Anyway, on the whole Gawker thing, I gotta say, I can’t speak for Dan Abrams, but this pissed me off a little.  What they’re basically saying is that I’m a capitulating toady with no integrity.  Now, it’s hard enough to take that from Howard Kurtz, but from Gawker?  Eff that!

Daily Dose’s Tommy Christopher: But how are they supposed to know different?
Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: Exactly.  As my Editor-at-Large put it, “Someone could make the same argument about advertisers (insert Bloodcopy joke here!).”  Short of randomly trashing Dan Abrams, how am I supposed to disprove that?

Daily Dose’s Tommy Christopher: Well, do you have anything to say about Abrams?  Here’s your chance.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: I’ve never met him.  I really liked his MSNBC show, though.

Daily Dose’s Tommy Christopher: Make something up.

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: You want me to prove my integrity by making something up?

Daily Dose’s Tommy Christopher: Did I say that?

Mediaite’s Tommy Christopher: Yes! Just 2 seconds ago!  This interview is over.

Asylum’s Tommy Christopher: Wanna see my list of the 10 best side-boob shots evah?



  1. Congratulations, Tommy!

    I hope to see you on many many more, all paying I hope!!

  2. I approve.
    Say, did anyone notice that while MJs casket was actually moving forward it appeared to be simultaneously moving backwards? How does he do that? Am I first with this joke?

  3. Shit, Tommy, I was confused for a minute by that interview. Congratulations, Tommy Boy!

    Fitzy: LOL! That was priceless. My daughter who just graduated from college was watching the Memorial and pointed out that she was sitting right where MJ’s casket was during her graduation ceremony–kids! But she’s right–she WAS!!! I got pics. LOL!

  4. Thanks PCL, much appreciated. Congrats to your daughter also. Must be something having a real college graduate in the family. I must mention this to the little Fitzys. I’ll drop it casually, after we’ve had our morning Xanax

  5. Here is the comment that I would have left on NY Times columnist David Brooks latest article entitled ‘In Search of Dignity’, had they not closed the comments and had they deigned to print my comment if they were not closed.
    Mr. Brooks writes:
    “Today, Americans still lavishly admire people who are naturally dignified, whether they are in sports (Joe DiMaggio and Tom Landry), entertainment (Lauren Bacall and Tom Hanks) or politics (Ronald Reagan and Martin Luther King Jr.).”

    The wide discrepancy in examples of dignified people (reagan AND MLK, really?) underscores what I have come to understand about human dignity which can be illustrated thuswise-

    “Should one observes a human acting with apparent dignity one should look upon this as one would look upon observing ones dog engaging in an unusual pursuit, such as skeet shooting or driving: with alarmed bemusement. ” TFitz

    I know it’s a little stilted but this comment was meant for the Times, after all.

  6. That should have been a semi-colon, I know.

  7. This article nearly caused a loss of bodily functions and is great news. Congrats.

    Please wrtie side boob article. Thank you.

  8. I hope you guys like the Mediaite stuff. I’m really psyched. 2 jobs, zero resumes. Go figure.

  9. Tommy, your resume is all over the internet!

    Your articles are the best resume, and they speak of your work, better than any resume could.

    Keep up the good work, I just had a feeling about you!

  10. Awesome, good work! \o/

    Also, excellent interview. I hear Mediaite’s Tommy is very hard to get a hold of, so congrats on that as well. 😛

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