Video: Not Only Was President Obama Checking Out That Girl’s Ass…


…I’m also pretty sure the video shows him mouthing the word, “Damn!”  This would make the President exponentially more restrained than me, as I said, “Da-a-a-a-a-a-a-a-amn!!!”

Does it suck that the girl in the picture turns out to be 16 year-old Mayara Tavares?  Mildly.  If he had carded her first, then checked her out, I might tut a little.  Hot Air has the right attitude here:

GMA analyzed the tape as if it were a Zapruder film of bootyliciousness and concluded that the video clearly shows Obama wasn’t checking out the girl’s butt (they also don’t think he’s a socialist, so take that for what it’s worth) — however, the experienced male glancer will tell you that you always have a “plan B” in case you’re caught looking and need to make it like you were focusing on something else, so who knows.

What I find really hilarious is that Jake Tapper has been taking crap from both sides for leaving open the possibility that the President either a. Didn’t see her, or b. is, in fact, a dude.

Jake’s right, anything’s possible. Guilty or innocent, though, I’m betting Michelle gives him an elbow to the ribs at some point over this.



  1. […] H/T: TommyXtopher […]

  2. What happened to your video, Tommy? I did watch it from clicking on the link ‘leaving open the possibility’–too funny! Don’t know about Obama, but Sarkozy? Well, he is French–and we French make no bones about such things, as Sarkozy clearly demonstrated.

    Bien fait Monsieur Sarkozy!

  3. Sure he was checking out the diplomatic progress of other countries ! We call it looking at her ass. He must not had enough have had the common sence to realize that the cameras might be taking a picture at a photo opp. DAAHH! It just goes to show how wrapped up in his self he is.

  4. I maintain he was looking at the teleprompter installed on the ground, just out of frame.

  5. “however, the experienced male glancer will tell you that you always have a “plan B” in case you’re caught looking and need to make it like you were focusing on something else..”

    Like saying “God, that’s so and so girlfriend from college… I can’t believe how fat she is now…” always work for me a friend of mine….

  6. I’ll concede the *slim* possibility that it might have been a bad angle and that he was helping the other girl down or watching his feet.

    I think that’s what politicians call “plausible deniability.”

    Sarkozy on the other hand… nah ah. That dude was getting an eyeful. No question.

  7. Never mind what happened. That girl is going to take that picture and make a poster out of it and put it in her living room with the caption “That’s POWER..!”

  8. Well, that failed. Linking to Demotivator instead.

  9. HA! Didn’t take long, did it..?

  10. Well, Ulises, you mentioned it, I went and did it. 🙂

  11. That’s because, Alex, if you want something discussed–give it to a man; if you want something done–give it to a woman. (Paraphrased from Margaret Thatcher, I believe)

    But, seriously, if he did look at her ‘asset’, what is the big deal? I love looking at men in jeans (or even nice slacks), provided they ‘fill them out’. Have we become so pc that we have all forgotten how to appreciate the beauty of the opposite sex? Well sorry, but my French blood will not allow me to follow that line of thinking. EVER.

    I’m all for equality between the sexes in the workplace (equal pay for equal work)–but do I want to be treated like a man? Hell no I don’t. Yes, I love that the men in my life appreciate my mind and what I have accomplished in my career. But, I also love that when the subject turns to romance, that they behave like real men and treat me like a real woman.

    And I still am so proud of Sarkozy for being so French in his glance. 😉

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