Yep, the Moamer Kadhafi-Obama ‘Bunny Ears’ Pic is Fake

While over at Moe Lane’s blog, I came across this:

This has to be a Photoshop.

(Via @stoo11) There’s no way anybody could have pulled this off:


You are correct, Moe, ’tis a fugazy.  Here’s the Getty Images preview of the actual photo:



Plus, is it me, or does he look kinda like Micker Roarke in this picture?



  1. […] Yes, It Is a Photoshop July 12, 2009 Posted by Jehuda in Uncategorized. Tags: News, Politics trackback Tommy Christopher: The Gaddafi/Obama bunny ears pic is a fake. […]

  2. I think he’s starting to look like Danny Trejo to be honest.

  3. Good point, good reference too.

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