Fox Mounts Camera on Drunken Roomba for Obama All Star 1st Pitch

Seriously, was Abraham Zapruder not available to shoot the President’s ceremonial first pitch?

President Obama threw out the ceremonial first pitch at last night’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game, and predictably, the right wing is trying to make a dollar out of fifteen cents.  Newsbusters posits the (tongue in cheek) theory that Rupert Murdoch planned the shot because he’s so very pro-Obama.  Typical instant revisionism on the right has Obama being booed and “throwing a sissy pitch.”

As Warner Wolf used to say, “Let’s go to the YouTube clip…”

There’s, like, 1 person booing (did Darragh Murphy have a ticket to the game?), and maybe 1 guy who thought it was Lou Piniella.

Given the fact that the President wore a White Sox jacket, it’s surprising there weren’t more boos.  On the other hand, sports fans appreciate team loyalty.

The pitch?  Apparently, the President threw some kind of baffling knuckleball that Cards catcher Albert Pujols had to dig out, but that he says “never touched the ground.”

Still, this is somewhat disappointing.  I expected, going into the game, that Charlie Manuel would be impressed with Obama, leave him in the game, and he would pitch 5 scoreless innings, scattering a few singles (hell, he’s not perfect).  The second time through the lineup, they’d have probably figured out his knuckle-curve.

So, it wasn’t a barn-burning standing ovation followed by a scorcher over the plate, but it also wasn’t Baba-booey.



  1. No, you want to talk pathetic first pitch:

  2. Roombie got to go to the All Star Game? My vacuum cleaner has more fun than I do. But that’s alright, he’s still my best buddy!

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