Response to John Boehner’s Healthcare Chart/Where’s Waldo Puzzle

GOP House Leader John Boehner has just sent out his crummy healthcare propaganda chart, which he cleverly throws everything but the kitchen sink into.  Ha, ha, John, it’s a confusing mess! Score!  You suck at making charts!


Now, it might be fun to get my own CD of clip art and make a comparable chart showing how our current system can be made to look like an even bigger pile of technicolor vomit, but I prefer a simpler approach.  Here’s my chart, John:




  1. Hahaha! I’m linking to this.



  2. False. And lame. Fail.

  3. Mr. C,

    Your chart accurately describes the current government run single payer systems:

    “VA Medical System in Shambles, Veterans Groups Say”
    “VA admits its failure to give female veterans proper care”
    “PROMISES, PROMISES: Indian health care’s victims”

    Here’s a money quote for you:“The idea that the military should provide pap smears and mammograms is still somewhat new”

    I’m talking about things that have been as recently as of this week, yet you fail to pay attention to that because you are busy cheerleading the rush to single payer, government run health care, using the made up 47 million supposedly un-insured to ruin health care for the rest of us… just so that you can sleep well at night..?

  4. I love when liberals pander to the ignorant masses. The EMTALA was enacted in 1986 as FEDERAL LAW which compels hospitals to treat ALL people with real medical emergencies. This includes the tens of millions of illegal immigrants, as well as U.S. citizens who have no coverage. So your little chart is pathetic at best, and a flat out lie at worst.

  5. You are not following the rules. Please go read them before you comment again.
    People without health insurance rely on very expensive ER visits for care, often ignoring symptoms until it is too late. Underinsured people have the same problem. They can’t afford to be healthy.

  6. Fun with flowcharts!

  7. Oh dammit, embedding images never works.

    Flowchart of How To Make A Flowchart.

  8. What’s with the hair.
    He looks like Howdy Doody!

    In fact, the whole bunch of them are make-overs from the Howdy Doody Show!

    Revealed here for the first time!!!!

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