Update: Is This the Best Song From the Movie ‘Purple Rain?’

I know, this is heresy coming from a major Prince fan (circa 1982-1990), but I watched the video today, and it is tough to argue against it.

Unfortunately, His Royal Badness is a real prick about online content, so I’ll embed the credits to “Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back,” but you can see the original video here.

While I work on my resume’, go ahead and debate this.  I’d love to be talked down, here.  I will say that if you include the Sheila E. remix of “I would Die 4 U,” there’s no contest, but that wasn’t in the movie.

Update: Now that I think about it, Prince was kinda the villain in that movie.



  1. Actually, a lot of us have known this since the film’s premiere. After the screening, we all agreed that The Time amde the film and the “Jungle Love” rocked, oh we oh we oh. Nothing against his Purple Badness.

  2. “When Doves Cry” would be my choice.

  3. This is great song, but you gotta remember you’re elevating it above all the songs of the greatest movie soundtrack of heterosexual men, (apologies to Grease, Saturday Night Fever, and The Bodyguard)the #2 pop record of the 80s.( MJ will get the same exaggerated critical praise in death that Tupac, Biggie, and Cobain get.) and the most revered work of a musical icon. I personally would rank “Purple Rain,” “The Beautiful Ones,” and “When Doves Cry” light years ahead of Jungle Love on lyrics alone. But that’s just me.

  4. You make excellent points, Ricky. I agree with everything you say, but Jungle Love stands out for some reason. Maybe it’s because it’s the most fun anyone has in the flick.

  5. That’s the reason it hits so hard for me. The Prince songs are fierce, but The Time… funky and fun. I just hear a couple of notes and suddenly, I’m looking around for Jerome and wanting to get up and do the dance. Nothing in the film moved me like that song, and that’s saying a lot, because the title track and “Beautiful Ones” were soooo moving.

  6. I was living in Minneapolis while all that was going down. Fun times. I love the track, but you’re right, theres just something about “Jungle Love,” probably because it’s so danceable.

  7. Sorry, whatrickythinks —

    While Purple Rain is an amazing album, as a soundtrack it ranks behind “Streets of Fire.”

    Mainly because “Purple Rain, the motion picture” was nothing more than a long-form music video anyway, thus making it an album first, and a soundtrack only in the loosest of fashion.

    And because “Streets of Fire”, as over the top and cartoony as it is, has a hot Diane Lane who was 25 years from her prime peak hotness, a badass Willem Dafoe, a Michael Pare who is not singing B-grade Springsteen karaoke (Eddie and the Cruisers), and a Rick Moranis who isn’t singing Bertold Brecht — and songs that flat out rock.

  8. It’s Morris Day And The Mutherfuckin’ Time.

  9. Oh yeah…..Jungle Love…..great song. Hehehehehe!! And yes, very danceable!!

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