Yeah, You Heard Me: Turkey.Hill.Pop.Corn.Ice.Cream.

Update: It was not Moe, but Leon Wolf.  I’m sure they get us mixed up all the time.

I think it was Moe Lane who was discussing with me, via Twitter, the virtues of Buttered Popcorn Jelly Bellies.  I have discovered the ice cream to end all ice creams (ices cream?).  Another big win for Turkey Hill, who knocked me out last week with their Southern Lemon Pie limited edition, and whose name I put in the headline with every intention of accepting the odd free tub.  Which I will not share with Moe.  Perhaps, next time, you will so quick to ban not be, young Jedi.




  1. Good, you can have it….eww. I’ll take the other half, vanilla with caramel swirls. Now, Edy’s Samoas flavor, that’d be a different story. Plus, when they say *limited edition*, they aren’t kidding. Gone from the shelves within a week (same with TH Southern Lemon Pie)! Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia still rules all hard ice cream, although I’d take a good custard/soft serve, like Abbott’s vanilla (or Anderson’s in Bflo), over hard ice cream any day…..anyone got a Sprite?

  2. On the other hand…butter flavored Dum Dums? Definitely gross.

  3. …buttered popcorn ice cream?!

    brb, store.

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