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It’s no wonder folks become confused when some politicians – and even some doctors – say things like this:  “Spending more would not be a problem if our health scores were proportionately higher,” Dr. Arnold Milstein, one of the authors of the study, said in an interview. “But what this study shows is that the U.S. is not getting higher levels of health and quality of care.”

Here’s what I just read: We could invest in healthcare if we were healthier, but studies show that since we’re not healthier as a nation anyway, it would be a complete waste of time – so forget it!


Here’s another doozy – one that had me rewinding three times to make sure I heard him correctly.  Senator John McCain:  “It’s our tax dollars, and we obviously feel very strongly that we don’t want our tax dollars wasted, especially Arizona’s tax dollars. We send more money to Washington. The bill has been passed, the money is being distributed. Unfortunately, only 10 percent of it, and that is the case. But the stimulus has been a failure and everybody knows it.”—————-HUH?

What I read/heard: “Arizona doesn’t want to waste tax dollars, and the state donates a lot of money to politicians, it’s taking the stimulus money and spending it, but all the money the President gave to Arizona is TOTALLY not working and is a total waste of time!!”————-WTF?

Followed by Megan McCain whose sentiment in The Daily Beast I can appreciate, but who lost me approximately 14-15  seconds into the new supposed GOP viral video when it said “cuts to the Department of Defense,” at which point I refused to watch.  I guess it’s too much to ask for factual information in a Lady GaGa remix or whatever it is.

The ongoing story and horrible slander of the United States Soldier who has been captured by the Taliban and used for propaganda has made me very, very sad…..where is the GOP on this story?



That is all.


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  1. Scanwiches.

    Those look delicious.

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