White House’s Guests with Disabilities Protest Silently


The President signed the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities Proclamation today in the East Room of the White House, in front of an audience that included many Americans with disabilities.

Prior to the event, I noticed that a great many of the attendees were sporting the orange button you see in this photo.  The button says “Community Choice Act Now!”

This is the same cause about which activists met with Obama Administration officials in late April.  That meeting didn’t go so well:

On my way in to yesterday’s White House press briefing, already running late, I was unable to enter the White House at the North Entrance, and had to lug my 637lb briefcase in the 900º heat all the way to southwest entrance. The reason for this monumental inconvenience? Some protesters had chained themselves to the White House fence, so the entire street was closed.

I found this out after walking through a sea of electric wheelchairs. The security guard at the southwest entrance told me that they had had a meeting, they went in happy, but then they “went bad.”

From Alex Villanueva:  Leighann Spilman, an ADAPT activist from Kansas, told me that… in some states the option exists for Medicaid to pay for in-home care for the disabled as an alternative to nursing homes (all states that receive Medicaid must use a portion of the funds to pay for nursing homes). The Community Choice Act presents the option for those who require care to choose what is known as “community care”, which would allow them to remain in their own homes rather than living in nursing homes or similar institutions.

Protests for the Community Choice Act continue all over the country, and in a small, silent way, made it into the White House today.


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  1. Tommy, even though I don’t know this lady, she is from my small town.
    They’ve done numerous wheelchair protests.
    They all go clog up somebody’s office(s) in Topeka, (or DC?)
    SKIL (southeat kansas independant living) may have something to do with it.
    I don’t follow it too close.
    I know that some here have started calling them the ‘disability Nazis’, because of these tactics. They also own radio stations in 2 sek towns, Parsons and Pittsburg.
    I really don’t have an opinion on what they do.
    Just recognized who they were.

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