Shocking Photo: Sarah Palin Has Finally Gone Too Far!


Readers of this blog know that I am no fan of Sarah Palin’s politics, but that, as a person, a human being, I have begun to warm to her.  That is all ruined now.  She has done something so unforgiveable that I cannot forgive her, nor even think of a clever metaphor for its unforgiveableness.


She has cast in her lot with the dreaded New England Patriots.  Why, Sarah?  You’re not from New England!  There is no excuse for this.  You have chosen to ally yourself with a team that’s famous for two things: Cheating, and waving their junk in the face of a female reporter.  What would this young sportscaster have to say about your choice?

From the land of the free, and the home of the “JETS!” I can only say shame on you, Governor.  Shame.  On.  You.



  1. 49’ers.
    Shaun Hill (quarterback) is from my hometown.

  2. Go PACK Go! Cheesheads like Sarah! Got some great Alaska hockey players on Green Bay Gamblers.

  3. I’m with Sekanblogger–Niners!! Of course, I long for the days of Joe ‘Cool’ Montana and Jerry Rice. They should have left Eddie in charge.

    Oh, and by the way Tommy, Palin sucks!! LOLOLOLOL!

  4. Carn the mighty Redskins!

    …stop laughing at me. 😦

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