House Republican to Demand Apology From President on Gates-Gate

While the Republicans haven’t been able to come up with a plan to reform healthcare, it seems they have found an issue that they can sink their teeth into.  The Hill reports on the House GOP’s worthy effort:

Rep. Thaddeus McCotter (R-Mich.) will introduce a House resolution on Monday demanding Obama retract and apologize for remarks he has made about Cambridge Police Sergeant James Crowley this past week.

If you think this resolution is a monumental waste of time, you’ll be even happier to note that the text of the resolution doesn’t even get the President’s quote right.  He didn’t say that Sgt. Crowley “acted stupidly,” but rather that the Cambridge police did.

The President delivered some carefully calibrated remarks on the subject Friday, and while he extended some of the blame for the incident to his friend, he seemed to maintain the essential part of his remark.  The police overreacted in arresting Professor Gates.  A beer-fueled summit was suggested, and agreed to by all parties.  That’s not enough for Thad McCotter, nor, I suspect, his GOP brethren.

While I doubt very much that the President will capitulate to this demand, I would suggest he consider a few things before even walking it back a little more.  A quick review of the legal issues surrounding the Gates arrest arguably supports stronger language than the President initially used.  That’s granting that the police report is entirely truthful.

If you consider the fact that Professor Gates’ account significantly contradicts Crowley’s, the President is well-justified in waiting for that beer to weigh any reversal.



  1. Dude! You think the President was totally right and carefully calibrated? Am I at the right site? You NEVER think that.

    OHH wait. I’m at Dailydose. Yep, same as usual. Rah Rah, Siss Boom Bama

  2. So here is Tommy Christopher’s “evidence” to “prove” that Republicans ”haven’t been able to come up with a plan to reform healthcare”: He points to his own post quoting a Fact Check report that clearly said that “GOP lawmakers offered a bill” (Patiens Act 2009) last May, but since “there’s been little talk” about it, that somehow proves that “Republicans Have No Health Care Plan”.

    Let me ask you something: Have you asked Robert Gibbs what the administration thinks about it? Have you asked if it is Obama desire to have Democrats in congress bring Republican alternatives to the table? I will dare to say you have not, since “Republicans Have No Health Care Plan”, so…why ask about it?

    Anyway… about the Gates thing:

    ” A quick review of the legal issues surrounding the Gates arrest arguably supports stronger language than the President initially used. That’s granting that the police report is entirely truthful.”

    So why do you support the President language over a matter he himself admitted was unfamiliar with? And why will the police report not be “entirely truthful”? Oh, yes, the cops were white and Henry Gates is black…! An officer named “Carlos Figueroa” wrote the second report… I bet you that guy is probably of Irish or Scottish origin…

  3. @abstentee: I forgot. You are the King Kong of being reasonable and fair minded. When was the last time you defended the actions of one person not on the taint of the right fringe. This guy could cure cancer, solve terrorism., get even me laid, and you’d still break his balls. Why should you have street cred outside the right wing fringe?

    Here’s a question for you, why do you have any credibility when your stated goal is to make Obama fail? You ignore facts and spin to fit that conclusion. Always. As a matter of logic, one ought never consider your arguments because of your stated bias with “activism” on the right to a point of absurdity. What rational person would ever listen knowing you have already reached a conclusion and never, ever, ever, compromise.

    You can’t even admit this is a bad arrest where someone went to jail. Maybe we should apply this standard, whatever the Cambridge standard is, to right wing pundits who call people names (allegedly).. At least T argues fairly.

    Seriously. You never compromise or are reasonable. Get off of it. Lord forbid someone you know was arrested for bullshit where the cops make shit up. You know that goes doen. All over the board. Here, you are willing to sacrifice liberty for a dumb fucking argument. Liberty is only important to you when it’s convenient.

  4. F the beer by the way. Obama is making a mistake by commenting on a case that might arise in a civiil context. Potentially, he is making himself a witness. Although, I understand the visceral reaction.

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