Updated Follow Friday Recommendations and How To Guide

When I first did this, I intended to add some commentary as I went along.  Being a columnist for 3 websites and a White House reporter AND a dad is actually pretty time-consuming, as it turns out, so I sometimes don’t get back to things.

I’m going to re-publish my list, and begin to make some comments.  Before I do, though, please understand that this is not a list of who I like, and why.  There are great follows whom I personally can’t stand.  So, don’t take it personally if you’re not on the list, or if I don’t put a comment there.  This list is about who is on my radar as a good follow, by the criteria I set out at Mediaite.  Also, the comments are a work in progress.

About my radar: It ain’t all that good.  If you’re not tweeting @TommyXtopher, then you’re leaving it up to chance that I’ll even see what you said.  I read all of my @tweets.

This is also an excellent way to get on my radar if you’re someone I don’t follow.  Lots of tweeps automatically follow-back, which is fine, but I don’t.  I have a hard enough time keeping track of the 190 or so people that I follow now.  I am easy enough to lobby, though.  Strike up a conversation, or just come out and demand the follow.  I’ll give it a shot.

Keep in mind, too, that some of my best friends aren’t on the list, mainly because they just don’t tweet enough.  Brian Simpson is an excellent example of this.
For Mediaite readers who followed my link here, these are my secret weapons, the Tweeps who help my Twitter experience be all it can be. There’s a good mixture here, people from both sides of the aisle, above, and below it, too.


@RachelSklar My new Editor-in-Chief (a vast improvement), and a fun, prolific tweeter of media-related links.

@anamariecox The fun kind of TMI.

@dceiver Indispensable, unhinged media criticism.

@jaketapper The undisputed Shaolin Master of Twitter.  If Tapper’s feed were a sword, and he encountered God, God would be cut.

@MajoratWH Fox News’ White House reporter is a Twitter noob, but a good sport about it.  He also seems genuinely eager to engage the Twitter community.

@JoeTrippi The guy knows his series of tubes.  He saw the importance of Twitter when people were still using MySpace.

@markknoller CBS News’ White House reporter can always be counted on to lighten the mood at the daily briefings.

@ricksanchezcnn Another engaging, unfiltered journo-twit.

@TheHyperFix Another White House tweeter.  Frequently amusing.

@cbellantoni White House reporting, and more.

@HowardKurtz A must-follow for anyone interested in journalism.

@DavidCornDC Fellow briefing room denizen and wry wit.


@CalebHowe Yes, this frothing #tcot is my best friend, but he’s also funny as hell.  Watch him on the hashtag games, the guy jokes like a Hollywood liberal.

@EdMorrissey Also a good friend, Ed Morrissey is probably the most decent guy I know on either side of the aisle.  If more liberals engaged him on Twitter, politely, the world would be a better place.

@moelane Moe and I have a tolerate-hate relationship, but when we start going at it, we both gain lots of followers.  He’s also one of those rare funny conservatives.

@streetwise_IT Bob, master of parentheses.

@leonwolf Redstater.  Like many conservatives, much funnier on Twitter than you’d expect.

@collegepolitico This is the sleeper of the list.  For a small blogger, he has a big reach. 

@StickeeNotes Funny and not-too-crazy #tcot.

@jeffemanuel Another Redstater.  If your approach is right, can be reasoned with.

@jimmythenotable Best name on Twitter.

@dangainor Even-handed, prolific conservative tweep.

@Jrog83 Strident, but fun, conservative.

Women With Attitude:

@McCainBlogette Everybody knows how I feel about Meg, but check out my Mediaite story for why her feed is indispensable.

@MediaLizzy The queen of Blogtalkradio, and one of the best people I know.  We agree on a surprising amount of stuff, but we disagree on enough that the sparks still fly.  In both cases, I often can’t believe what comes out of her mouth.

@snarkandboobs Truth in advertising.

@andylevy From TV’s Redeye, Levy is funny and engaging. By special request, he has been placed among the ladies.  Behave yourselves.

@Candice_Jo The conservative creator of my South Park avatar.

@xanadu_xero Completely unique, sushi-raw, with a bite like an alligator.

@MollieKatie Creator of the ego-stroking #kittenclub, I also like the fact that she has 2 first names.

@tllanes Giver of good progressive links, and frequent profile-photo-changer.

@billiegirltoo My secret weapon, she’s got great news instincts.  Well, I guess she’s not such a secret anymore.

@MelissaTweets Right-wing blogger who can play well with others.

@LaBrujaRoja Quirky liberal tweeter.

@Chatvert My Paduwon definitely needs to tweet more.  Start pestering her.

@kartott Gives good link, needs to tweet more!

@mkhammer She definitely puts the “Attitude” in WWA, but she knows how to play nice with liberals who come correct.

@jillelswick She was on the needs to tweet more bubble, but she earned her spot through attitudinal lobbying.

@AmandaCarpenter Earns the name of her column, “Hot Button.”

and @DianaWinkley Follow with care.


@Stranahan Maker of nekkid healthcare reform videos, Lee is also a mad-dog liberal on the Twitter.  Watching him tangle with conservatives is better than the Friday Night Fights.

@DemocracyInUSA Frothing liberal who can still play nice with TCOTs

@GayRainArmy,@ranggrol,@Tengrain See Mediaite

@JayAllbritton Even-tempered, effective liberal writer.

@zombot Funny, quick hits and great at hashtag games.

@PBCliberal Another frothing liberal who can still play nice with TCOTs.

@rumproast Better blogger than tweeter, but worth following just to keep up on his blog.

@hailripley Good liberal tweep who needs to tweet more.

@victorzapanta Gives good link.

@JC_Christian Insufferably smug, but funny enough to overcome personal distaste.

@markosm Liberal or conservative, you have to follow Markos, even if you don’t like him.


AKGovSarahPalin The jury is still out on post-Gov Palin, but I’m betting she’ll be back tweeting soon.

CoryBooker See Mediaite

His Own Category (Libertarian, sort of):

@dmataconis He’s got a great blog, and an unpredictability that both sides should enjoy.


@WhatRickyThinks Beware of imitators.  Completely unfiltered, unafraid to offend, and frequently drink-spitting hilarious.


@rawls He will offend you, but when he makes you laugh, he makes you laugh hard.

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