Billie’s Quickies

bllieddoseWhat will the news cycle hold this week?  I’m taking bets!

Last week was full of ridiculousness in the news that was reported by serious news folk.  Let’s predict what the news cycle will be this week.  Your mission – newspeople – if you choose to accept it is to avoid the following:

  • Is President Obama the Antichrist? You – serious newstypes –  have “reported” on it once before, but this time I hope you do the right thing.

Since Mondays and Fridays tend to be rather slow news days, I’m taking bets as to which of these “stories” are run – and by whom:

(I still can’t figure out why Beck is giving a Boy/Girl Scout salute in ledherhosen – is he hatin’ on the Scouts too…don’t they have similar do-gooder pledges like the oh so scary Americorps?)

Meanwhile – everyone loves a Flashmob!


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  1. […] so fast.  Billie at Daily Dose dug up this clip from last August, in which CNN ruminates on the question of then-candidate Barack […]

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