Billie’s Quickies

bllieddoseMy proposal to combat astroturf protests – “Mosquito” repellent.

With all of the corporate sponsored town hall insurgencies cropping up, maybe speakers should employ use of the “Mosquito” – and, if protesters can tolerate the squealing maybe it means they’re actually serious when they disrupt town hall talks about high-speed rail with yammerings about socialism.

A lot of cars bought from the “Cash For Clunkers” program are from the likes of Toyota – egad – a MULTINATIONAL corporation with factories employing people in foreign sounding places such as Indiana and Texas.

Women and men work together often.  Often women have men for bosses, and often men have women for bosses, so of course: Often, men help female executives get to the top – wait, what?

Awesome talk about how to get the most out of your regular old cell phone.

Flu prevention I can believe in –Russian Soccer Fans Urged to Drink Whiskey to Ward Off Swine Flu Virus


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