Scary Obama OFA Edict:”Visit Rep. Adler’s office in Toms River”


What kind of sorcery is this?  Organizing for America sent me an email (a technology that I’m still not convinced won’t at least “borrow without asking” my soul) urging me to visit my local Democratic congressman.  Eerily so: (via email)

According to our records, you live near Rep. John Adler’s office in Toms River, NJ.

We’re through the looking glass, here, people. They know where I live!

The rest of the email(reprinted at the end of this post) is basically a print version of the DNC’s “Mob” ad, and as the NRSC chair points out to Jake Tapper, seems to render cries of “astroturfing” a bit hypocritical.  On the other hand, the argument could be made that turnabout is fair play.  The Democrats tried to have normal town hall meetings, but organized disruption is now being met with organized order.

The equivalence, too, is a false one.  The groups behind opposition to healthcare reform are funded by the likes of:

Americans for Prosperity, whose sister foundation is chaired by David H. Koch – a billionaire whose family made a fortune in oil production and whom Forbes magazine in March ranked as the world’s 19th richest person – and which also coordinated the “tea parties’’ in April protesting Obama’s “irresponsible’’ economic policies. The groups are running millions of dollars of television ads and have sent a bus across America to stir up sentiment against revamping healthcare. Its website lists town hall meetings planned by Democratic lawmakers to help activists find a venue for protest.

Another group organizing against the overhaul is Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, led by Rick Scott, former head of Columbia/HCA, a healthcare company that paid $1.7 billion in fines for overcharging government programs in the 1990s. It has been working with a public relations group responsible for the “swift boat’’ ads against Senator John F. Kerry during his 2004 presidential bid. Still another is FreedomWorks, a conservative group led by Dick Armey, a former Republican House majority leader.

Organizing For America, on the other hand, is funded by Big Voter.  The conservatives have also tried to make hay with organizing efforts by unions.  This may play to their base, but most Americans equate unions with the working man that the GOP tried, and failed, to court in 2008.

It’s hard to see how these visits will backfire, especially since conservative opposition has morphed, from fringe goofballs like the Birthers, to two of the party’s leading voices sounding the cuckoo alarm about “Death Panels.”  Whatever traction the right was gaining with its victim complex will surely disappear Monday morning with Palin’s and Gingrich’s nutty afterglow.

Visit Rep. Adler’s office in Toms River

Organizing for America Tommy —

All throughout August, our members of Congress are back in town. Insurance companies and partisan attack groups are stirring up fear with false rumors about the President’s plan, and it’s extremely important that folks like you speak up now.

So we’ve cooked up an easy, powerful way for you to make a big impression: Office Visits for Health Reform.

All this week, OFA members like you will be stopping by local congressional offices to show our support for insurance reform. You can have a quick conversation with the local staff, tell your personal story, or even just drop off a customized flyer and say that reform matters to you.

We’ll provide everything you need: the address, phone number, and open hours for the office, information about how the health care crisis affects your state for you to drop off (with the option of adding your personal story), and a step-by-step guide for your visit.

According to our records, you live near Rep. John Adler’s office in Toms River, NJ.

Sign up now to visit Rep. John Adler’s office in Toms River this week.

(Not your representative, or think there might be another office that’s easier for you to get to? Click here to find a different office.)

As you’ve probably seen in the news, special interest attack groups are stirring up partisan mobs with lies about health reform, and it’s getting ugly. Across the country, members of Congress who support reform are being shouted down, physically assaulted, hung in effigy, and receiving death threats. We can’t let extremists hijack this debate, or confuse Congress about where the people stand.

Office Visits for Health Reform are our chance to show that the vast majority of American voters know that the cost of inaction is too high to bear, and strongly support passing health reform in 2009.

Don’t worry if you’ve never done anything like this before. The congressional staff is there to listen, and your opinion as a constituent matters a lot. And if you bring a friend, you’ll have more fun and make an even greater impact.

Click below to sign up for an Office Visit for Health Reform:

Wherever you live, these visits matter: Many representatives are pushing hard toward reform, and they are taking a lot of heat from special interests. They deserve our thanks and need our support to continue the fight. But those who are still putting insurance companies and partisan point-scoring ahead of their constituents must know that voters are watching — and that we expect better.

Earlier this week, the President wrote that “this is the moment our movement was built for” and asked us all to commit to join at least one event this month. This is the way to answer that call, and rise to the challenge of this moment together.

Thank you for going the extra mile when it matters the most,


Mitch Stewart
Organizing for America



  1. I did it here, Tommy…and my representative is Republican, and fighting it…still looking at his reasons for doing so..sure I’ll get to that when I get there…LOL

    I wonder if they will know…I didn’t vote for him…

  2. Hey I got one of those emails too, Tommy. I am registered as an undeclared—but I donated some big bucks to Obama’s campaign back in the campaigning season.

    Mine said I could call and go see my Senator, Diane Feinstein, in SF. Like I wanna drive up there–sheesh! Besides, I’m always talking to her office LOL!! They know me by name now. I even called them once for info on the fact that Senators have to pass a background check to serve, as they are considered employees of the US gov’t, which was my argument at one time about how Obama had to pass that check before he ever became President. Sorry birthers, you are just so off the track.

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