Obama Rolling Stone Cover Evokes Clinton


Apparently, there’s some big hoo-ha going on about the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine that features a new Shepard Fairey illustration of the President.  At issue, apparently, is whether or not Fairey’s portrait bestows the Commander in Chief with angelic powers via a halo.

The New York Daily News thinks so, but the artist says “Halo no!”

I say, first, who really cares?  When you consider the kinds of Obama images that conservatives are spank-banking these days, a halo seems pretty normal.

The first time I saw the cover, before I heard the “halo” angle, the picture didn’t remind me of an angel, or Jesus.  The first thing I thought of was this:

The cover art for George Clinton’s “R&B Skeletons in the Closet” album.  Maybe Fairey was trying to subliminally get us all to tear the roof off the sucker.



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