Eff You, PETA. Eff You in the Effing Face.


I’m paraphrasing one of my tweeps (Tricia Llanes), and trying to adhere to my “no profanity above the fold” policy, in reference to this little item on PETA’s newest ad campaign by Andrea Grimes: (read the whole thing when you’re done here)

More and more, PETA is looking like the snarky, self-righteous vegan film student who spends 10 minutes at a time telling you how to live a healthier, more conscious life–and down with Wal-Mart and McDonald’s!–during the smoke break wherein he practically eats a Marlboro Light. On The F-Word yesterday, (vegetarian!) Rachel calls out this heinous new PETA promotion, which like many PETA promotions, shames and objectifies women, who occupy some vague place below animals on their level-of-importance scale. Rachel asks, “Against animal cruelty, but not human cruelty?”

There will be profanity below the fold.I have to plead a little bit guilty here for having previously enjoyed PETA’s sexy T&A campaign that culminated in this look-at-me banned Super Bowl ad.  All I can say is, I’m a guy.  That’s the best defense I can muster.

It turns out PETA doesn’t appreciate female beauty, but rather ironically, they just like the meat.  If the cut’s not good, you go on the scrap pile.

I don’t suppose PETA had the chance to read our own Billie’s excellent take on the connection between obesity and poverty, or as Andrea points out, that they are literally calling women animals, or that eating disorders kill our daughters, sisters, and mothers at an alarming rate.

I have known, and loved, many women who struggled with their weight or body image.  Some died because of it.  This is the main reason that Meghan McCain is one of a handful of people I truly admire in life.  Her defiance of ridiculous societal pressures on women and girls is about the best use I’ve ever seen of celebrity.

It’s also why I advise PETA to kiss my ribeye-steak-eating ass.

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  1. Great take Tommy. I retweeted you :-). One f my best friends btw is a vegetarian, and anti vivisection. She hates PETA for the same reason I hate Code Pink: they make us look bad.

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