Apocalyptic Freeze-Frame of the Day: Captain Ed Olbermann


When I found out, last night, that Keith Olbermann had named my pal, Ed Morrissey, the Best Person in the World, my first reaction was “That goddam copycat!”  I had just named Ed one of the best people in the world over the Twitter, not two days earlier.  Kudos to KO, though, for assembling the weirdest 3-shot ever.  Captain Ed, Stephen Hawking, and Steve Doocy?

My second was to contact Ed for some kind of pot-stirring comment, but he had beaten me to it, accepting the accolade with characteristic class:

I’m sure people would like me to be a jerk about this, but I’ll say thank you to Keith instead for the kind words. We’ll be arguing again tomorrow, and for the … rest of eternity, probably, but I’d prefer to return graciousness with graciousness.

That’s great, Ed. Way to generate the clicks.

All is not lost, however.  Although Ed was debunking a conspiracy theory when he was elevated to Best Person, a careful examination of this still frame from the segment provides fodder for another:It’s made from Olbie! CAPTAIN ED IS MADE FROM OLBIEEEEEEE!”




  1. Haha, you beat me to it. I was going to post something to this effect.

    Congrats Ed! 🙂

  2. RINO!!!

  3. *plays ‘O Fortuna’, as it is the Scary Apocalypse Music*

    O Fortuna,
    Velut luna,
    Statu variabilis…

  4. Since Ed Morrissey credentials as a “true conservative” are suspect now due to this unfortunate incident, does that means that Mr. C. Will have to replace him as his “conservative friend”? If that the case, can I suggest this true conservative..?

  5. Ed is irreplaceable, but there’s room in my heart for MKH.

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