Fundraising Drive Update

Update 2: It is on like DONKEY KONG, Howe! #cashfordrunkards

Update: My heartfelt thanks go out to those who have donated already.  We are still, however, well short of our immediate needs.  Even a small donation will help.  The next few days are crucial, because funds raised now will enable me to travel to Washingtom, DC, next week to work on several important stories.

Here we are again, dear Dosers, with another plea for donations to this site.  I hope this will be the last time this is necessary.

As you may know, I currently write for Mediaite and Asylum.  While I write prolifically for both, neither has a consistent need for the type of independent journalism and commentary that you’ll see on this site.

Mediaite, as the name strongly implies, is mainly concerned with stories that involve the media, and Asylum deals with the lighter, hornier side of politics.

What I try to do here is provide fair commentary, honest reporting, and an independent voice in the White House Briefing Room.  Most of my White House reporting ends up on this site, including the recent PhRMA story.  When I submit to the White House for credentials, it is as the correspondent for Daily

The expenses for that work are funded out of my own pocket, and by donations to this site.  The current situation has left me absent from Washington, DC, for almost a month now, and cost me the opportunity to break some big stories.

It has also left me unable to do the kinds of in-depth policy analysis that is missing from the current healthcare debate.

This blog, if I say so myself, is somewhat unique in the blogosphere.  We don’t do a  huge amount of traffic, but we are read by some very influential people on both sides of the aisle.  We present the facts honestly, and while the commentary is liberal, we try to be fair, to consider both sides, and to call people out who need, it regardless of their leanings.

If you appreciate the work that I do on this site, please consider a donation of any amount.  If even half of my Twitter followers gave $3 each, that would more than enable this work to continue.  (h/t Caleb Howe)

Going forward, I don’t plan any more of these drives, although we will still accept donations, and contributors are free to set up a tip jar.  This is just a tough time, and I need your help.  Click here to donate to Daily Dose.

Out of uncharacteristic humility, I have left this drive to the last possible moment, but the situation is pretty dire.  What I need is an infusion of cash to keep things going for another week or so, until I get my first big-boy check from my paying gigs.



  1. Dear Tommy,
    As I’ve not been able to find a job, I will not be able to donate today.
    When I do become employed I will consider this.

  2. Do you think you’ll end up back in town before the 20th? If not, I’ll mail you your present from Peru.

    I’m going to the briefing tomorrow, FYI. Any burning questions you might want to ask?

  3. I’d like to summit questions too…!!
    Well, is not really a question…just tell Linda Douglass or whoever runs the WH snitch Website that I just flagged myself (part of a campaign that we conservatives and libertarian types are having now.. you know, to keep ourselves busy counting the days to the next elections)…anyway, I just want to make sure that they have my name right, Ok? So just tell them that it is ‘Ulises G. Jorge Bidó’, but that ‘Bidó’ is my middle name, not ‘Jorge’… you know that down in the DR we use the Spanish naming customs and it sometimes gets confusing… and I just want to help those poor fellows maintaining the ‘enemies of the state’ list, Ok..? I mean, down here in Florida the DMV still thinks that my middle name is ‘Guillermo’.. but that is my fault actually for not knowing what the meaning of ‘middle name’ and thinking they wanted my second name…
    By the way, do you know if their database uses UTF-8 encoding…? Because if they do they’ll have problem with the accent in ‘Bidó’…I’m kind of snobbish when it comes to my name, you know…?

  4. Hold on, I might have a few dimes in my pocket….”The lighter, hornier side of politics,” 😉

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