Protests – Compare and Contrast

bllieddoseFox News Reporter Griff Jenkins, lauded after attempting to climb over and barrel through security to interview Ward Churchill – questions PROTESTERS about whether they care about free speech, while they are exercising their right to it:

CNN Reporter Susan Roesgen fired for behaving similarly:

New Hampsire protester legally exercises his state right to bear arms at a public protest, and is praised:

Code Pink protester talks back to police officer, is knocked to the ground and called a bitch by security:



“We report, you decide.”


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  1. Thanks for this, Billie…makes me wonder where all these angry folks were when all the OTHER spending that wasn going on the last 8 years were….

    I have no doubt in my mind, those that support common right wing ideals, are far more violent and intolerant of the other points of view out there.

    What do they want? A nation of bullies?

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