Updated – Helen Thomas Twitter News! Plus: Ann Curry Pix!


Update:  See the priceless photo Ann took of Helen just as I asked her about teh Twitter here.

My secret is out!  I get paid by the exclamation point!

First things first.  Twitter pal Ike Pigott created a Twitter account for Helen Thomas awhile back, and asked me to present it to her as a birthday gift.  I’m a little bit late, but today was the first time I had seen Helen since her big day.There’s a bit of a funny story behind this, though.  Obviously, Ann Curry was at the White House today to interview Anne_Curry_Tommy_Christopher2Helen.  Apparently, Helen has been an inspiration to Ann, something we have in common.   Regular, longtime readers of this blog will recall that Helen befriended me on my first trip to the White House, gave me the story that Bill O’Reilly stole from me, and that I was interviewed about her by Al Jazeera.

So, I was waiting to speak to Helen when I noticed Ann shooting pictures of her.  As is often the case, I’d always thought she’d be taller. When I started to speak to Helen, Ann said (from behind her camera) “You have a really great voice!  You should be in broadcasting!”

I mention the camera because I’m sure that’s why she didn’t, instead, say “You are DEVastatingly handsome.”

Of course, I made some wisecrack about the pay, and then Helen and I talked about the public option for awhile as Ann went to visit someone else.

A few minutes later, I asked Helen if she had thought about going on Twitter, and I heard a laugh behind me.  Helen paused, then said “What’s that?  Sounds like I’m going off to the ladies’ room.”

The laughter was from Ann Curry, who had snapped a picture of Helen at the exact moment I had asked her about Twitter.  That picture could go into the dictionary next to the word “Huh?”  It was priceless.

Ann explained the whole Twitter phenomenon to Helen, and her grasp of it was so firm, I immediately decided to follow her.  I also found their interactions to be utterly charming, so much so that I was moved to actually type the non-manly word “charming.”  It’s the kind of affection I often see from people around Helen.

The upshot?  Helen is skeptical, but open-minded.  I’m emailing her the account tonight, and I’ll show her how it works tomorrow.

I don’t know when Ann’s interview of Helen will air, but watch her Twitter feed.




  1. Nice story, such classy ladies! I would’ve responded to Ann by saying “You should hear him sing!” I’ll never forget the first time I heard it 🙂

  2. That is so cool. I’ve been in awe of Helen for years and years, Tommy. And now I’m in awe of you.



  3. Wow. Wish I could have been there. I hope she likes the gift! 🙂

  4. Hey, why isn’t Helen following me on Twitter? @ikepigott

  5. I absolutely love Ann Curry. She’s as good a TV reporter as there is out there.

  6. Ike just sent me the link to this post – this is a great entry. I got to meet Helen the week of her birthday through work, which then led me to write a post about her on my personal blog – http://richmondeditor.com/2009/08/07/six-degrees-of-helen-thomas

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