Busted! MSNBC Caught Dishonestly Editing Town Hall Gun Footage

Newsbusters has Newsbusted MSNBC for applying some pretty clumsy edits to some news footage in order to conceal the racial identity of a black man who brought an AR-15 rifle to a Presidential town hall in Phoenix.  The segment was a discussion about a possible racial component to the recent rash of gun-toting town hall attendees.

Here’s the MSNBC clip:

Here’s a CNN clip that shows the same angle from which the MSNBC shot is cropped.

There is absolutely no excuse for this kind of sloppy work.  While a talking heads segment might not seem like the fulcrum upon which journalism rests, this is exactly the kind of manipulation that destroys the credibility of all journalists.

Which brings me to my busting of Newsbusters and Hot Air.  If you are going to excoriate someone for leaving out important information, then you ought to be including all of the pertinent information, too.

Neither Newsbusters, nor Hot Air, pointed out that the man with the AR-15 was actually put up to it by a conservative radio host.  They also each failed to mention that he was only one of twelve people who carried weapons to that event.

On the other hand, both Newsbusters and Hot Air are openly partisan websites, which, I imagine they’d say, is their entire point about MSNBC.


  1. […] (Ed): My friend Tommy Christopher says that our silence on the allegation that a conservative talk-show host “put him up” […]

  2. You are dodging the issue. The relative “sloppiness” is not the issue. Deliberately obscuring that the visual meant to convey white racism was a video of a black man is the issue. The dude’s political motivation is not at issue, and by the way thank MSNBC for that. They didn’t do a story about how people are just too darn talk-radioey. They chose to discuss people being white and hating blacks, and they chose to illustrate it with video fakery. That’s pretty much the entire summary. If you are interested in the political motivations of the people with guns, perhaps it is MSNBC you shold be talking to, not Hot Air. MSNBC decided the subject was race, not Hot Air.

    “Sloppiness” was no part of this deliberate deception, as anyone can plainly see. They opted to use a video of a black man, and edit it so you couldn’t see his race, to tell people white people hate black people. That was their doing.

    But if you want to play racial games, fine. Let’s. Why is it you say he is “put up to it” by a white man. Are you saying a black man can’t make his own decisions? That whitey tells him what to do?

    See how easy it is?

    Calling deception “sloppiness”, by the way, is a neat bit of Ministry of Truth rebranding on your part. We were always at war with Eastasia, after all.

    In summary, your momma.

  3. Tommy –

    As a real-live journalist, I was wondering what you think of this critique of journalists? It’s not really off the topic, I hope.




  4. Tengrain, you left one out: The knowledge and experience level of the reporter.

    Speaking as an ex-journalist, what you don’t know ought to scare the bejeesus out of you.

  5. Let me get this straight, you’re blaming a radio host for what someone else did? Really? The guy did it out of his own free will. You know, that little thing called personal responsibility? I know liberals aren’t real big on that but the guy did it because he wanted to. Are all liberals that sad and pathetic?

  6. Geez Tommy, these Cons are on you like a wet fart on satin panties!

    The majority of the public does not see this as racial. What they do see is angry republicans and conservatives of all kinds making fools of themselves.
    I’m ashamed for them, since they don’t have the maturity to be ashamed of themselves.

  7. […] No sooner had I published this post than I found this story.  Apparently, a local conservative talk-show host and the man carrying the rifle planned in […]

  8. sekanblogger, that was a moronic comment. The segment was about race. Do you watch the video and read the blog before you splooge on the screen, or does that take away from the ecstasy of your liberal outrage?

  9. absentee……..what’s wrong, an evil communist black man got your country?

    You can forget about scolding me.
    Nobody listens to repblicans anymore.
    That’s why you’re so hateful?

    BTW, your momma too!

    Now that was moronic!
    Your momma?
    Sheesh…….that’s some intelligent friggin commentary….HA!

  10. I can see you’re anonymous here too…..
    the equivelant of bathroom grafitti.

    Carry on Einstein.

  11. Why don’t you take some personal responsibility for reading what I actually wrote? Try doing it slower, or having one of your liberal friends read it to you.

  12. I read it the first time.
    They tried to conceal the race of the guy with the gun.
    I’m not stupid like you make me sound.

    Try reading what I said. The majority of the public didn’t even notice the issue you bring up. Understand?

    You want me to type this slower?

    Wasn’t I ON TOPIC enough for you?

    Maybe you better explain it all since I’m such an idiot.

    Your momma, sheesh.
    How would you know if I’m liberal or conservative?

    You have no interest in me or who I am.

  13. Oh, and I saw the segment live.
    Thanks, I’ll piss off now.

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