Thin-Skinned Olbermann Gets Torpedoed by LA Times

Steve Krakauer wondered, Friday, if the LA Times would make Countdown’s “Worst Persons” list for mixing Keith Olbermann’s newscast up with MTV’s “Jackass” in its TV listings.  Sure enough, it did.  In the number 3 spot, Olbermann went off on a long, mean-spirited rant to counter what he imagined to be an insult to his audience size.  Here’s the clip, followed by the Times’ hilariously brief, devastating rejoinder:

Read the rest at Mediaite!

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  1. Olbermann is a funny guy who’s obviously pretty bright. But the self-important way he carries himself has been apparent since his Sportscenter days when he would often editorialize benign sports highlights. I soured on him during last year’s campaign when he began nitpicking on Palin the same way Hannity skewers Obama. Also his “look at me I’m smarter than the rednecks who watch Fox” flowery rhetoric is the Right’s textbook definition of cultural elitism. If he had O’Reilly’s ratings and influence he’d be every bit as unbearable and easily Colbert’d as Bill O is. But I doubt there’s anyone on the right side of the fence smart enough to pull it off :).

    I actually prefer to watch O’Reilly’s “Tell me why Obama’s sucks” starring Rove and Morris than Olbermann. Not to mention his masterful setup of Marc Lamont Hill as the PERFECT villain for his viewers to rail against under the guise of showing “both sides.” Most importantly, however is the steady stream of hot women he displays.

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