Spike Lee Observes Bro Code in Restroom Encounter with Billo

Everybody’s talking about the Bill O’Reilly/Spike Lee urinal story, but they’re all missing the most important part of the story.  No, I don’t mean Billo’s odd reference to their height difference, although that does make one wonder what was going through the Fox host’s imagination during the encounter.

I’m referring to Spike’s admirable observance of the Bro Code’s “Buffer Urinal” provision.  This is news dudes can use, as anyone who has ever had a buffer-less conversation with an unaware bro can attest.

Of course, the Code frowns on any discussion while both participants are de-watering (one or more at the sink is ideal), but I’ll give Spike a pass for getting a good shot in, and for using a 2-stall buffer.


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