Extreme Pogo-ing a Very Bad Career Move

So, I’m reading this article about X-TREME POGO, and a few things strike me immediately.  Like, why is the Wall Street Journal covering Extreme Pogo?  Also, there’s something called Extreme Pogo?

But the most stunning part of the story is this bit, about the current World Champion of Extreme Pogo, the best of the best of the best:

Today, the young Mr. Grzybowski says he earns about $20,000 a year from appearances at fairs and trade shows as well as for stumping for one company’s jumping stick.

What the frak? Where is the justice in that?  You’re telling me that, with eons of practice, with generous dashes of skill and courage, you can rise to the pinnacle of pogo stardom, and that enables you to roll with the Shift Supervisor from Foot Locker?  Maybe pimp out your mom’s basement?

To fully appreciate the injustice, take a look at what this guy can do:


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