Postlet #6: Fact-Checking Huckabee and Politifact

Dumbass Mike Huckabee, a guy I used to like, defended his idiotic reading of some of the President’s remarks, and their relationship to just-buried Ted Kennedy.

When diagnosed with terminal brain cancer at age 77, Senator Kennedy didn’t do as President Obama suggested and take a pain pill and ride it home.

Politifact, the RC Cola of fact-checking, tries to set the record straight about the pain pill remarks:

Looking at the full transcript, it’s clear that Obama voluntarily brought up the example of having to choose between a surgery and a pill. But he did so as a hypothetical example of difficult decisions about medical treatment for older patients. He was not advocating, much less requiring, bureaucrats to make a potentially life-ending decision for a centenarian.

“I don’t want bureaucracies making those decisions,” Obama said.

Sure, that’s one way to read the President’s remarks.  But I read it more as a weighing of the medical risk of a surgery on someone of that age, versus a possibly limited reward in extension of life.  Risk dying in surgery to get another 2 years, versus a risk-free year on that pill, you know, a medical decision.  Either way, the President was pretty clear.

“I don’t want bureaucracies making those decisions.”

Sit down and shut up, Huckabee.



  1. You know what really pisses me off about stuff like this dribble, Tommy…is that it is WORKING!!! YET AGAIN!!!

    When will people wise up to being played like a fine instrument???

    I hate it when rotten tactics win…it seems to upset the natural balance of things….that does not make me happy.

    Why do we teach our children, to be honest, and honorable, if we don’t emulate that??

    Please make some sense of this for me….anyone??

    And in the meantime…people will still keep dying, because some pinhead decides, that they are not covered for that surgery after all…or families will remain, uninsured, because they make just a bit too much money to qualify for medicaid…but not enough to get even the most basic of plan…even if they could, they could not afford the deductables or the copays…many only cover half…so…where do you get the other half? keep with the Republican health care plan….DON’T GET SICK.

    I cannot believe…its just beyond me.

  2. The RC Cola of fact-checking?


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