Postlet #7: Why Am I So Pissed Off?

Because all I wanted to do today was write about the Pee-Pee Patrol.

Sure, I’m oversimplifying a little.

Just trust me, though, if you spent your goddam day doing what I spent my goddam day doing, you’d be pissed off too.  More than the poor French bastard who got to test-drive the new anti-pee wall.

See, it’s not enough to work hard, or to be skillful, or to achieve a deep understanding of a subject, or to do goddam handstands.  I don’t really know what does matter, to tell you the truth.  If I did, I wouldn’t be so pissed off right now.

All I know is, nobody ever busted a blood vessel investigating the Pee-Pee Patrol.

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