The President talking to school children…how inappropriate!

bllieddose“THE PRESIDENT: I’d like to thank my friend, the Secretary of Education … I want to thank the teachers who are here. Thank you all for teaching. I’m here because this is a great school that believes every child can learn.

It starts with a mind set that says every child can learn. That means there’s high expectations and there’s a willingness to make sure every child is learning.

I appreciate the curriculum you’re using … You’re using a curriculum that has been proven to work, and that’s important. I want to thank the parents who are here. You’ve got a responsibility to make sure your children come to school polite, prepared, ready to learn. Make sure you encourage them to read more than they watch TV. I know that’s a monumental task, but it’s important. It’s important to make sure every child learns to read. And parents have got a lot of responsibility to make sure their children learn to read.

… We’re going to change America one heart and one soul and one conscience at a time … Okay, I’ve got some questions for you. Ready? How many of you are going to college? (Applause.) That’s good news. See, that means you’ve set a goal. In order to meet that goal, you’ve got to really be good readers, and you’ve got to study, and listen to your teachers.

How many of you read more than you watch TV? With all due respect to the cameras, I hope you read more than you watch TV. You learn a lot more. It will help you get ready. See, if you raised your hand and said you wanted to go to college, in order to make sure you help achieve that goal, practice your reading. A good way to do it is to turn your TV sets off, and practice.

And, finally, in order to go to college, to meet the goal you’ve set, make sure you make right choices. Tell them, no, when somebody tries to say drugs are cool, or alcohol is good. Make the right choices. You’ll be in college, and that’s what we want.
I’m so glad that we could come by to see you all. God bless you all …”

President George W. Bush, conservatives’ beloved brainwashing horrible man who encourages little schoolchildren to finish school and become intelligent citizens. Damn him….DAAAMMMMMN HIMMM!



  1. President Bush talking to students at ONE elementary school is a far cry from the national requirement for ALL schools to air Obama’s self-promotion. But then you know that.

  2. yes, i know that. i also know that any president talking to ALL children that the school will allowed and probably at the teachers discretion is nothing to get all stabby about. but, then you know that.

  3. pardon…what the school will allow, not ‘allowed’.

  4. You know, back in the day…it was the President that set the example for the nations children…he served as a role model. Back in our glory days as a young nation, the president would have spoken often to schools and students, via radio address or later televised on tv…or even at the saturday matinees we all loved in the late 50’s and early 60’s…remember the newsreels of the 40’s? Our presidents used to be someone the nation looked up to…

    I hardly see this as Obama trying to self-promote, he is getting back to the basics of nation building, it is his responsibility to do so. Bush spoke to many kids at many schools in his time, we expected it of him as well.

    For the rest of you…I suppose you best go the way of Michele Bachmann…march quietly to the reeducation camps…and slight your wrists to stop all things progressive , and don’t forget to pray and fast as well…

    I suppose you would only want the man to sit in his office, for the duration…and do nothing…I know thats what you became used to over the last 8 years…but…we made some changes a few months ago…and just like Obama said…some wouldn’t like it, and that some would become very vocal, and it will be difficult. Change is difficult, but necessary.

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