Mr. President, you’re doing it wrong


Sir, rumor has it that you will be speaking to all the schoolchildren in the land – via some manner of remote device I can only assume.  While I also can only assume that teachers and school administrators will view your statement with the children in the classroom if time permits, I hope it isn’t so.  Mr. President, the only way that you can sway these impressionable children is by correctly brainwashing them and their teachers, and so far I am disappointed in you- you’re doing it wrong.

First, with all do respect, you are abjectly failing at identity assault.  In March, you addressed teachers when you said the following:  “America needs you,” he said. “We need you in our suburbs. We need you in our small towns. We need you in our inner cities. We need you in classrooms all across our country.” Well, Mr. Obama, that surely is no way to deny a teachers identity … why are you not insulting them?  Why do you not call them failures?  Sir, that is no way to indoctrinate anyone!

During that same speech you were similarly ‘hopeful’ … as far as I have understood so far, encouraging children to pursue whatever career they please, and not putting the fear of God in them is no way to bring them to your socialist agenda.  Here’s what you said: “And we will not rest until your parents can keep your jobs — we will not rest until your parents can keep their jobs and your families can keep their homes, and you can focus on what you should be focusing on — your own education; until you can become the businessmen, doctors, and lawyers of tomorrow, until you can reach out and grasp your dreams for the future.”

Sir, I’m confused.

President Obama, since it is your goal to take over the world and make each of us your servants, I am confused as to why you don’t criticize we citizens more than you do.  That simply will not do.  You see, I prefer not to think for myself underneath it all, but if you continue to be nice to me, how will Stockholm Syndrome force me to love you?  You, sir, are doing it all wrong.  The children aren’t going to reflexively adore you and agree with everything you say if you walk this line of encouragement and civility.  Really, it’s frightening.  America didn’t wander aimlessly to the ballot box sir – Kool-Aid in hand – to have you fail to give us a memorization test.  I heard that the classroom activities your administration handed out to teachers asked the students to think on their own about school and their own education – to take responsibility.  Where is the rote memorization of statistics and facts?  Why are you not telling students how they are not good enough, sir?  That would be an easier way to go about brainwashing them.  Assessment … Fail.

The more I think about it the more troubled I am, Mr. President.  Children seem to be strangely attached and friendly with their family and friends.  In fact, some children don’t even really know who you are!  That’s no way to lead a socialist or communist revolution, good sir.  I haven’t heard any children mentioning your name lately, and I’ve seen absolutely no school aged children scoffing at their enemy parents who are watching Sean Hannity blaspheme your good name, or turning them in to the police for threatening them with freedom of thought.  What gives?  Why aren’t you doing it right?  Is it us?  Are you punishing us?  Maybe you’re just that subtle.  I, for one, hope so.

Finally, Mr. Obama, while it seems that those opposing your socialistic and leftist views seem to be in the final stages of brainwashing – which I can’t figure out, since we are the ones you are supposed to be inculcating.  Those who wish to bother with thinking seem to be depressed, sobbing uncontrollably, and experiencing disorientation.  Your target, sir, is being missed.  You’re encouraging free thinking somehow.  You have failed at the first few steps toward brainwashing the public.  Are you going to let proven tactics used during the Korean war go to waste?  Because it ain’t working right now.

Some seem to think you are succeeding at your attempt to indoctrinate the nation, but I know better.

Mr. President … You’re doing it all wrong.

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