Weeping they are … a blast from the past

bllieddoseFrom an Excellent essay by Derek C. Araujo:

“The First Amendment’s Establishment Clause was written by the predecessors of today’s anti-religious liberal nuts. It was drafted with the diabolical purpose of guarding against the levying of taxes for the support of religious activities, a practice that was all too common in the early colonies. Today, a grossly sectarian and evangelical newspaper receives state funding, money that has been taken from everyone’s pockets–Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists and atheists.

“If skeptics remain unconvinced by the anti-religious liberals’ influence on politics, their excessive secularization of our public schools should make them weep. Admittedly, children do have the constitutionally protected right to pray in school, individually or in groups, silently or aloud, as long as they don’t disrupt classroom activities. But the wicked liberals still insist that we shouldn’t be able to force them to pray. The liberals have also kept creationist pseudoscience out of our science class-rooms. Evolutionists already have the unfair advantage of scientific evidence. If we can’t get creationism in, we cannot allow evolution to be put in our textbooks, because it gives evolutionists enormous influence. That would be like, say, allowing religious people to put a bible in every hotel room.

“Gone are the good old days when religion was respected in America. After all, no one in America feels comfortable publicly thanking God for his or her success in sports, politics, or show business. Whom can we blame for this but the evil, devious, anti-religious liberals? Though we cannot see, hear or smell them, we know that they must be there–in our government, in our schools and even in our homes. Take the advice of your local conservative accuser: protect yourselves, because they’re everywhere.”


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