Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Pubic Option


The current sticking point on health insurance reform is the public health insurance option, with a majority of congressional Democrats favoring it, a handful of Blue Dogs wetting themselves over it, and the Republicans hallucinating about it.  What’s being left out of the equation in Washington is how the American people feel about it.

Polling on this issue has been misleading.  After a June poll showed 76% support for a public health insurance option, pollsters simply stopped asking that question.  Instead, they’d ask overly broad questions about the overall reform effort, and the headlines were all about “slipping support.” Nowhere was it considered that the “slipping support” might have had something to do with the regular reports of the death of the public option.

When they finally did ask again, 79% of Americans said they favor a public option.

What hasn’t really changed, and what everyone acknowledges, is that almost everyone opposes the pubic option.  That’s the one where the insurance companies have you by the short ones, able to refuse you coverage for a pre-existing condition, deny your services with their own death panels, retroactively terminate you if you get sick and made a mistake on your application, and pretty much just build their profits into whatever coverage you get, because your life depends on it.

The problem is, the public option is the only real solution to the pubic option.  There’s no way to pass regulations strong enough to ensure that you don’t end up with cheap, junk insurance that’s already putting people in the poor house (Try to remember the last time your auto insurance paid for anything).  The public option will serve as that safety net, and despite even more recent rumblings that it’s been left for dead, the President can, must, and will make sure it passes.


  1. I had to read it a few times before I got it. Cute!

  2. We should all play this game. I quit after five before all my Twitter followers decided to block me. You can Google all these people and see what happened to them.

    Nataline Sarkisyan died waiting for liver transplant after her insurer put her on the #pubicoption

    Kimberly Reyes died of Hepatitis when her insurer gave her the #pubicoption

    Carol Abourezk died of cancer when her insurer put her on the #pubicoption

    Teri Powell died of cancer when her insurer put her on the #pubicoption

    Marianne Wible had the #pubicoption when her insurer denied her medical claim. She died when treatment was delayed

  3. I really hate your title. Not a bad post, but your title perpetuates the lie. Still, appreciate the content of the post.

  4. The idea was to get #tcots to retweet it, thinking it was a typo. and, it’s funny. Thanks for visiting!

  5. I hope you’re right. I am waiting with growing anxiety to see whether President Obama sells out those of us who worked so hard for him on the promise of a REAL public option. I live in two states and cannot buy coverage in State #2 for any amount of money. Why not just offer the option of buying into Medicare early if we want and call it a day? I can’t wait six more years until I’m “old enough” to have a REAL public option.

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